Designer rooms

August 26, 2007

don’t stay too long in those or you go nuts 🙂






A point for Alex!

August 26, 2007

It’s now 25-5 as I found a funny hotel in Wuppertal called Art+Fabrik. It’s a hotel with rooms designed by artists and a funny Loopaper holder which actually only allows you to hang the paper from the wall.

back to the loos

August 12, 2007

after vacation and burning my fingers it’s back to “normal” life.

today I’m in Tel Aviv at the Sheraton Moriah and off course also here they know that toilet paper has to hang from the wall 🙂

which makes 25-4…

by the way, lovely weather here, 32 degrees celcius, thank god they have airco for me.


No hotels this week, working from home and preparing for a week working in Israel.

Therefore enough time to threat my burned fingers. This is step 2, brownish something but healing. 🙂


Vacation is over…

August 1, 2007

It’s a pity but my vacation is over…

Yesterday I was in Bielefeld and luckely the Mövenpick hotel over there still hangs the paper the right way 🙂

anyhow, today something nasty. During my vacation in Holland I decided to cook for Yara and myself but the bloody meat didn’t want to go out of the box into the pan with the hot oil.

Me dumb shook the box a little bit too hard and the meat fell in one piece into the pan…

as the oil was very hot in the mean time it sprayed out of the pan on……my left and right hand 😦

I had to keep my hands into cold water for 2,5 hours as every time I took my fingers out of the water it started burning like hell.

here the result…