I hate them, I hate them, I hate them…..

so today I had the event in the Meilenwerk in Stuttgart which wasn’t as beautiful as Düsseldorf but also there were some impressive cars and the event went fine.

But as I had to drive 600KM back I left earlier and that was my luck although I didn’t realize this until writing this post.

I drove for 2 hours and the got a flat tire. I stopped at a alarm post at 16:55 and asked for help as the cars today don’t have a spare tyre anymore. 5min later I was called by the tow company and another 7min later my car was on the truck. This i didn’t expect as the last time I had an issue it took them 45min to show up!

In the mean time the tow company had called Audi and they said they would wait for us. They had already asked the tyre company to bring a new tyre and in total  it took 1,5 hours and I was on the road again! Well done Audi deep respect!

the thing in the middle is a nail….

I just hope I don’t meet a Belgocontrol person as I would bark the heck out of him…

Next week I have to fly from BRU to HAM….we’ll see if they again decide to have a 24 hour strike when I fly…

Just realized that I missed to put the loopaper picture in 🙂


I should have flown from Brussels to Stuttgart but the bloody Belgiums decided to strike  and so I had no other choice as to drive to Stuttgart. It took me almost 6 hours…thx Belgium…

I have to drive back on Wednesday evening as I have an exhibition in Brussels on Thursday, so another 600KM.

Coming in the hotel I found the owner really funny as he looked at me and said; “you need a bigger room” So I got a room with kitchen and a great TV chair. 🙂

The paper is hanging correct so another point  🙂

Waterloo IBIS 214-19

September 27, 2010

Strange week, today driving to Woerden-NL then continueing to Waterloo-B, tomorrow flying out to Stuttgart-G and then returning on Wednesday evening to Brussels and driving home on Friday…

anyhow, back to the IBIS in Waterloo and of course the paer is hanging correct 🙂

I flew back from Stockholm and when I landed in FRA at 19:00 I got a call from a partner that our system they wanted to use the next day wasn’t working. So I asked him if he had installed the latest software as I had discussed with his colleague. He didn’t have the software as he wasn’t aware of it….I nearly exploded….

This ment that I had to rush home and download the software from our server in Israel which took me 4,5 hours. Went to bed at 00:30 and at 05:00 I got up again to rush to the event. I arrived at 07:45 and at 09:52 the system was up and running. Just in time as the event started at 10:00

Not really the way you want to start your day but the place where the event took place was marvelous. It is called Meilenwerk http://www.meilenwerk.de/Meilenwerk_Duesseldorf_index.php and this is an event place where people can store, buy and sell their luxery cars. At 11:00 hours I had a Conf Call and it was funny to sit between millions of Euros.

oooh, almost forgotten, the paper was hanging correct. 🙂

Vallentuna, Sweden 212-19

September 24, 2010

Beginning of this week I went to Sweden and before I booked the hotel I first booked my flight. The price was outragous expensive (€850,-) and I was wondering why? Well I found out as soon as i wanted to book a hotel as there were no hotels available at all due to a diabetes congress.

So I wanted to cancel the trip but then one of my partners suggested to stay at his house which was really a kind offer. So you bring the logical things with you like a bottle of whisky for him and a box of chocolates for his pregnant wife. Being there you behave like always and you take a view at the toilet paper and guess what? It was hanging wrong! Discussing this with him was rather funny as he always hangs it correct and his wife always turned it the wrong way 🙂 The next morning the paper was hanging proper again so I politely asked if I could take a picture which I could after he made sure there is no garbage on the floor 🙂

the next evening I was going for dinner with the second partner and he took me to a place I would never expected to be in Stockholm. the place called Monks Café  http://www.monkscafe.se/  and had the ridiculous amount of 1600 different beer sorts!

 http://www.monkscafe.se/pdf/monks_brewery_belgiska_veckor_2010.pdf this is a 29 page document not showing all beers but an impressive amount even containing the Champager of all Belgium beer sorts called Westvleteren. The price of a 33cl bottle is aprox. €50,- !!

testing 6 different sorts 🙂

Thanks Tommy for the hospitality and bringing me to some very good Sushi places.

Thanks Leo for the beer experience. 

2 days in Birmingham for customer visits and my partner booked me into the Innkeepers Lodge at Birmingham West. Typical lodge with a pub http://www.innkeeperslodge.com/lodgedetail.asp?lid=17 and a Toby Carvery.

we didn’t eat there but went to a fine Indian restaurant which I believe is a must when you visit Birmingham. Last time I went to Akbars but this time we went to Rajdoot www.rajdoot.co.uk and I must say that this one was also excellent. Only problem I always have after Indian food is the extensive use of the loo as this food gives me enormous eruptions also called afterburners. 🙂

this brings me to the toilet paper. When I entered the room I was first schocked as I thought the paper was hanging wrong! A closer look then satified me as the paper was hanging correct. First time I saw this folding technique 🙂

Zurich 210-19

September 13, 2010

excellent service from Oren who went again to Zurich. I think he is enjoying those trips to Zurich 🙂

this time he didn’t send me a fun picture but a decent hanging loopaper

Did I say boring??

September 7, 2010

in my last post I wrote it was again boring in the IBIS but today they shocked me as for the first time in history the folded the toilet paper!! I’m completely flabbergasted!

coincidence or are the reading my blog??

Back in Waterloo 209-19

September 7, 2010

Yesterday i drove back to our European HQ and as always I stayed in the IBIS. I finally got the FOC Internet to work which saves me a big bulk of money. 🙂

For the rest nothing exciting, rainy weather, paper hanging correct…boring.

what’s that grey area in the right upper corner? well I was only wearing underwear so I decided it would be more proper to grey it out 🙂