There is a discussion going on between some friends of us wether the loopaper should be facing you, or hanging to the wall.
I know, it’s ridiculous spending so much time documenting the fact who is right and who is not. But when we are feeling down and we really miss our friends when we are on yet another trip far away from home, we will smile updating this weblog.
So, there you have it. Enjoy this weblog, and check back soon for updates!

The Loopaper Admin.

The Toilet Roll Syndrome is as follows:

Notice how fast the toilet roll turns as you get towards the end of the roll.The same applies to us humans, as we get older time seems to go by much fast, just like the toilet roll as it runs out of paper.

Leigh Freedman famous Israeli Philosopher and Poet


2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Debu Bu-Chan said

    Just cruised through on the random searchs and “loopaper” caught my attention. Love the blog and the pics. Very cool and amusing. A good giggle for a tough day! Thanks, guys!

  2. S. Le said

    My vote is loo paper should face me, not hug the wall as if saying “don’t use me, I’m shy.” Loo paper cannot afford to be shy. It sees it all!

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