thanks to a colleague from Israel I got this lovely paper roll with the statement that 72% voted for paper to roll over. Sorry Alex, you belong to a minority 🙂

Whatever, great to see that people start seeing paper rolls with different eyes just because they are aware of the Loo Blog 🙂



April 17, 2010

I was forced to use a product I hate mostly….a TRAIN!! At least I was smart enough(doesn’t happen often) to book a train ticket myself online and not going to the Munich airport to let Lufthansa do this. Through this I was on time in the train, could kick somebody from my place, look at people who sat next to me or opposite and had to leave these places for people who reserved those places. After the cattle train left fully loaded for his next stop in Nuremberg even more people tried to get on the train to give you the Indian train feeling and we then heard an announcement that the train is overloaded and would not continue if not some people would leave the train….gosh what a fun. Eventually we left and after 4 hours we arrived in Frankfort Airport. Here again you would reckon that I’m a frequent flyer but not a train traveler. It is actually simple as first line is the Highway, the next line the railway station and parking lots and then over a walking bridge to the airport. I do this on a daily basis coming from the airport side and I can walk it blindfolded….but this time I came from the dark side and actually had to ask a cop….the guy is probably still laughing.. But! I had an appointment with my hair dresser and I arrived exactly at 14:00 hours at the hair dressers! 🙂

to show you how simple it is to the parking lot from the train side, look below.

but this is nothing compared to my colleague who was grounded in Barcelona and wanted to go back to Brussels. He took the bus last night as in France the trains were on strike and is expected to arrive 14 hours later…he is gonna be dead when he arrives.

Hallbergmoos 189-16

April 13, 2010

took a while but I’m back to Munich and as always I’m staying in my favourite hotel in Hallbergmoos near the Airport. My “private” taxi picked me up and brought me to the hotel.

First had a flight from Hamburg to Francfort which was delayed by 40min and then had to go to the transfer desk to check-in for the next flight. It took quite a while and behind me was an Italian guy who was very annoyed. I don’t understand Italian but but he said was &$§*# Lufthansa and then said “Heil Hitler”. I was pretty shocked….

the flight from Francfort to Munich was a bloody nightmare as I was surrounded by Hong Kong Chinese talking extremly loud and in front of me was a 200KG Canadian guy snoring like Torsten and I were sleeping in the same room….

whatever, here the proof from the Neuwirt Hotel. 🙂

Male vs Female 188-16

April 13, 2010

You have reliable colleagues and unreliable. the males are reliable and the females aren’t….what’s new?

This comes from a colleague called O.S. and shows what he found in Japan. correct hanging paper and instructions how to use the Loo. 🙂

at the same time a female colleague was in the US called S.D. but she was soo busy with shopping that she forgotten to bring Loo proof pictures….

what can I say?

Nice little hotel in the north of Hamburg. WiFi is FOC but it collapses all the time which is painful.

paper was also hanging correct and then I found this coffee mug at the customer site. It’s a HSV mug (football) and this is just for my colleague CvG who is a fan of Standard Luik. 🙂

More pain and yummi food

April 11, 2010

after the side and backyard we also did the front yard which caused even more muscle pain…

Then last evening I tried something new which was a chicken on top of a bottle with inside 100ml beer, garlic, onion, pepper, salt and olive oil. Bake it at 180 degrees for 60 minutes while the beer/herbs start boiling inside the chicken.  It was delicious! Never had chicken meat so tender!

this morning I checked the dead grass and it is still burning…Now for 3 days…

the quail cage is ready so now it was garden time. First cut of this year and because of all the moss we had to scarify the grass. Tons of dead grass came out and as we speak I’m trying to burn it…but I don’t have enough wood to burn all this grass.

and again the musscles start hurting. I guess it’s time to finish “vacation” and start working again. 🙂

Chicken or Quail?

April 7, 2010

still vacation and for some reason daughter and grandpa decided that our zoo isn’t big enough yet and therefore needed an additional part in our zoo…

therefore we build today a chicken cage but when our neighbors heard this they complained that chickens make too much noise so now we might have quails…whatever, it was a lot of sweat today to build it..

wasn’t easy with our clay soil..

we always complain about IKEA but trust me, this was worse…

shitload of sand needed


discussions all over 🙂

chicken, quail or daughter, no clue what we will put inside 🙂

Glad Grandpap went on the roof as otherwise it would have collapsed 🙂


and then we needed beer and meat 🙂

in the foil there was mushrooms/cheese  and spicy goat cheese…yummi !

and the fun continues…

April 5, 2010

after a week travelling to Amsterdam and Hamburg we came home exhausted. This morning a new surprise. Our giant snails had some fun while we were away and pretty soon we will have another 70 baby snails….

just as a reminder as we had this already in July 2008

Heidepark Soltau

April 3, 2010

today we went to an amusement funpark nearby and the weather wasn’t the best but this had one advantage as we didn’t (well, they as I didn’t join any of the things…not feeling to well) had to wait at all at the attractions which the kids loved….God they have strong stomaches 🙂

here some impressions

Wooden roller coaster Colossos, 52 meters height, 61 degrees drop and 120 KM/H fast…

Freefall for over 3 seconds….yeah right…not with me 🙂

Bobsledge, not bad but my wife got a headache from it.

she have been to New York when she was 3 months old so I presume that was the reason why she wanted me to take this picture. 🙂