Here we go DRUPA time again! 14 days in Düsseldorf, we are going to be exhausted afterwards! Staying at the Mercure and it’s a good start as the paper hangs properly 🙂


We had a small skiing reunion whihc we hold every year at somebodys place. This time we went to Papenheim which is roughly 60KM below of Nueremberg in the middle of bloody nowhere. Lovely place but it is really the end of the world 🙂

Hotel was nice and the paper of course hanging correct.

as usual after a party night, everybody sleeps long, except me. So on Sunday morning I went for a one hour walk around the village and found this castle, pity it was closed as I was too early

strolling through town I found the statue of Fieldmarschall Gottfried heinrich Graf zu Pappenheim. There is a saying here in Germany that says “The Pappenheimer are coming/where here!” which is still used today. This comes from this village and one of the stories is that during the 30 year war this guy with his troops was mudering around and burning down everything that was on their patch. This brought the saying, “The Pappenheimers were here”.

On my way back, a guy approached me and he was compleltely wasted and could barely walk… was 08:30 hours in the morning!!

I continued my walk and all of sudden I heard 2 cars, an ambulance and a paramedic. I got curious so I went to the street they were standing, the door of the ambulance was wide open so I could look inside.

There was the next drunk…

I told the story later at breakfast and we all agreed, that when you are living in Papenheim, this is the only way to survive 😀