Well what a trip as I was forcedΒ to fly to London City Airport although I wanted to fly via LHR as my hotel was in Kensington. To explain, London City Airport is on the west side of London while Kensington like LHR is on theΒ east side. The ment that I had to take 3 different tubes and 17 stations. Don’t ask me how but I managed to succeed! OK, it took me a while and I probably missed 10 tubes but I didn’t screw it which is quite remarkable if you know that I’m lost in space when it comes to public transportation.

In the evening we went out with a client and in a moment I didn’t look at my camera it was stolen….Pretty naive from my side to believe this wouldn’t happen but on the positive side, some revenue for Kodak again πŸ™‚ This also explains the poor quality of the pics below as they were taken with a Tripple B (BloodyBlackBerry).

In the morning to LHR and again I had no clue how long it would take so I left pretty early and again manged to take the correct train….13 stops…I hate trains. Well I was so early that I had 3 hours in the lounge digesting the awful British Breakfast.

Flying from LHR is always painful, doing it on a Friday is even worse as everything is late. So our plane was arriving 30 minutes late but then they managed to get it up to 80 minutes as first they started to announce just before boarding that you were only allowed one hand luggage which of course then took another 20 minutes before we could start boarding. When we finally started we found out that at least the captain had a sense of humor as he was making all kind of jokes like telling us about the interesting detour we will make all around the terminals because of working sites. It was indeed interesting as he was testing how fast he could take the corners πŸ™‚

During the flight I went to the toilet and couldn’t resist to take this picture as I’m almost sure a family member of Alex is working on the cleaning staff….a double bogey! I gave it one point not two πŸ™‚

The paper in the hotel was hanging correct although it took me a minute to figure it out πŸ™‚

I just realized why I put the title to Travel Light. Well the only hand luggage I had was my camera and that one was stolen so my return flight was extremly light. It didn’t help me a lot as I still had to wait for 30min to retrieve my regular luggage. Whatever, next week a new camera and from Monday onwards on an exhibition in the Netherlands.


so on monday we went back to the hospital and there they found that all outer ligaments were torn. They don’t operate that anymore but give you a plastic hull to protect the foot and make it unmovable…

After I had brought her home and made sure we have enough food in house I drove to Stuttgart were we had a 2 day training. Paper was hanging properly so all good. Tomorrow I’ll fly to London for another meeting. Looking forward to see how the paper hangs πŸ™‚

Ligament torn?

January 22, 2011

spend half a day with my wife as she twisted her ankle.Β  Nothing broken but a shitload of pain and on Monday we have to go back to see if her ligament is torn….

she wasn’t too happy I took this picture πŸ™‚

afterwards we went to the pharmacy and that didn’t make me too happy…bloody €90,- for some medicine and some thrombosis syringe

Being at the Ibis in Waterloo again in the beginning of this year si fine but the hack did they do to the paper?

It’s a new roll of paper haning correct but how does it look like ?


McDonalds in the LH Lounge

January 15, 2011

this is the second time this happened while I was in a lounge. First time was in the Korean Air lounge and this time is was the LH lounge.

Really funny to see when people bring food from either Burger King or McDonalds into the lounge πŸ™‚

this was my first time in this Holiday Inn and it was pretty chaotic. I took the train from Euston to Birmingham Airport and had seen that the yhave a shuttle service to the hotel. Well trying to find the hotel busses resulted in walking for miles between Terminal 1 and 2 as the people told me eith to go to T1 or from their to go to T2. At the end I went outside and asked a regular bus driver and he told me that he passes by the hotel so I paid my 1 pound 60 and took that one.

At the hotel I asked them just to find out that the shuttle bus leaves from the NEC exhibition grounds 3 minutes walking from T2…Maybe they should put that on their website…just a suggestion. The fun continued because when I entered my room it felt like a bloody sauna! Gosh it was hot, I presume a woman was the last person in that room πŸ™‚

So I went down, made another suggestion to save some money by turning heating systems off and let the customer decide how he/she wants it and then I asked for an Internet voucher….I had tried to connect by the LAN cable in the room but that one was dead… So the lady asked me if I want to connect in my room or in the bar/restaurant area. When I replied that I would like to use it on both locations she told me that I needed 2 vouchers….so I decided only for the bar/restaurant voucher and tried to log in with it.

It failed which didn’t really surprise me as the paper was obviously used before. So again back to my favourite lady who was just laughing about all the things happening to me. Her boss now gave me another voucher but this one also looked like it was used before and guess what? Right it failed again so I went again back to the reception and then my favourite lady brought me a brand new printout and I finally got Internet access!

The next morning I checked out and my business partner was standing next to me when I thanked her for all the fun we had last evening. You had to see his face as he clearly misunderstood it πŸ™‚

another fun part was the fact that this morning there were 2 men in the corridor testing their new toy….an RC helicopter! was funny to watch inside a hotel a flying helicopter. πŸ™‚

At least the paper was hanging correct, so another point.

now sitting at the airport waiting for 3 hours to get my flight back home 😦

another lovely hotel with some issues πŸ™‚

paper hanging right, finding it by foot is a nightmare but that is my mistake as I’m bloody lousy…

it’s a lovely hotel but some things make me laugh like finding out where the hot water is coming from πŸ™‚

whatever the paper is hanging properly πŸ™‚

the thing that always annoys me and no UK guy can explain is the fact that they have sinks whereby they have a hot and cold crane but how the hack you want to wash your hands??

Reliable Courier?

January 11, 2011

this evening the neighbors son showed up and brought me a little package which happens pretty often but when he showed me the package I started laughing as it said “do not deliver to neighbors” πŸ™‚

What made it even more hilarious was the fact that they didn’t deliver it our neighbors house but to their shop which is 2 KM away. πŸ™‚

I have an elusive colleague from Bruges, Belgium who loves his BlackBerry so much that he continuously takes it with him to the Loo. Therefore I asked him if the paper at his home is hanging properly and he immediately took a BB picture and send it to me.

Thanks buddy πŸ™‚

Only thing that worries me is the fact that the paper almost finished. Not good if you have a big eruption πŸ™‚

It was a difficult operation at the ER and it took multiple times to bring the little boy back to live but at the end I succeeded and the BB is alive and kicking again!

I’m just afraid that tomorrow I will get the 3rd BB as the company ordered a new one after I lost BB1 and BB2 failed to activate… If that is the case I can startΒ my little BB family πŸ™‚