This week over in the Netherlands for a training and staying in the SAS Radisson where they always hang the paper correct. For the rest the weather is too hot. This would be nice when you are on vacation but not beying in a building with no proper airco and next to that 6 PC’s and 2 engines running.

SAS Schiphol


mmhhh, I had to look the name up again to have it correctly as it was pretty difficult 🙂

anyhow, the last hotel this week. Clean, simple and the paper hangs right, sorry Alex 🙂

only sh*tty thing, I have to drive tomorrow (friday) 400KM back to home and this will be pretty annoying as 4.922.746 people will also drive home 😦

and here for Alex, the proof…


Ooooh my god!!!!! it’s long ago that I found a place where the paper wasn’t hanging right but now I found it 😦 even worse, at the room of my friend Andrew the paper is hanging correct…

well we’re for an exhibition and although Andrew is not happy with the hotel (they didn’t wipe his butt and gave him the smallest room in the hotel) I must say that I’m pretty happy with it. Rooms is big, TV is big, food this evening was OK, the people were friendly….only the paper 😦

here just for Alex, one point for you my dear.


after 2 “quiet” weeks it running again. this week in 3 differnt hotels and 1300KM of driving. Today in Villingen-Schwenningen (southern Germany) in a hotel where I went before. actually funny that I booked my hotel via which I always do and didn’t realize that I’ve been here before 🙂

well as the last time the paper stills hangs correct. let’s see what expects me tomorrow in Nuremberg.


I completely missed this one… We were for a family trip to Prichsenstadt which is a lovely small village near Würzburg. This was a birthday present from my parents in law where we had one night and a 6 course menu with corresponding wines to each course. The evening was soooooo good and I was soooooo drunk that I actually forgotten to take the picture of the loo. the paper was hanging correct and my wife and daughter are eye witnesess in case Alex doesn’t believe it. 🙂

because of the missing loo paper picture here some impressions of Prichsenstadt.



Veenendaal Ibis 123-10

June 18, 2009

wow! 2 weeks no hotel!! But here we go again, this time to Veenendaal in the east of the Netherlands, There was a small congress and I stayed over at the Ibis or as we call it internally “Plastic Fantastic”  The Bathroom container was one step up so you almost tumbled into it.

paper was hanging right, so I was a happy chap 🙂

ibis veenendaal