Vitamine Shock!

March 14, 2012

I did it again….


Always great coming back here and be greeted with a lovely smile. Then you hear that they hope the paper hangs proper, which of course it did 🙂

Then they force me again to eat some vitamines, which I will!

what can go wrong here? nothing 🙂

It took a while but I finally made another milestone as today I reached the 300th correct hanging paper!

I’m in Oslo in a real funny cheap hotel. Hotels are quite expensive in Norway but I was advised to take this one as it doesn’t give you any “luxury” thing but just a plain, proper, clean hotel. You want new towels? you pay for it! you want breakfast? you pay for it! you want a big reception? you loose!

The hotel cost a 1/3 of other hotels but it is clean and if you book in advance (hard to find on their website 🙂 ) really cheap!

But most importantly, the paper hangs the good way!

and the WiFi is of course FOC 😀 …..Not only FOC but also unbelievable fast!!!