Hotel Agnes Nuremberg 333-31

September 30, 2013

Hotel Agnes in Nurmberg old town bringing the counter to 333-31 and as we are in the old town it means that the hotel has no parking spaces and you have to go to a parking house i circled 2 times because of all the one way streets……..whatever, the paper hangs proper 🙂



Leonardo 332-31

September 26, 2013

and the fun continues 😀

Hotel Leonardo Hannover Airport bringing the counter to 332-31


Antalis Frechen 331-31

September 26, 2013

The 4th event and this time at a paper manufacturer site called Antalis in Frechen. Paper hangs proper 🙂


ISS Dome Düsseldorf 330-31

September 25, 2013

Konica Minolta had their 3rd launch event at the ISS Dome in Düsseldorf. Very nice location which is an Icehockey stadium.

paper was hanging properly 🙂


while I was there somebody advised me, after seeing my FB post, that here the paper was not only hanging correct but also had a logo on it. Which means this is again another proof why paper should hang from the wall and not towards the wall 😀


Hotel Abacco Korntal 328-31

September 18, 2013

After Munich the next show is in Korntal next to Stuttgart. Nice hotel, hard to find for the GPS but after circling for 4 times I found it. WiFi FOC and toilet paper hanging proper bringing the counter to 328-31, what else do you want? 🙂


Back on the road again and her in the Räterpark Hotel the paper is hanging correct bringing the counter to 327-31 and on top the WiFi is FOC and superfast 🙂