Filzmoos 38-7

December 30, 2007

It’s insane, you’re on vacation and still you can’t stop taking pictures of Loo’s 🙂

We had a week skiing in Filzmoos (A) and it was the first time I was out there. It was pretty disturbing to see that there were more Dutch as German/Austrians out there. Seems to be part of the Netherlands 🙂

For me this was the first time on ski since 1992 but funny enough skiing is like bicycling, you never forget how it works.

But having roughly 20KG more since then my knees and legs warn’t me a couple of times to stop at lunch or otherwise I would break something….

At the end of the week all skiing classes had a race and I can tell you that I never ever before heard the Wilhelmus so often before! around 85% of all classes a Dutch boy or girl won the race and my daughter caught a silver medal 🙂

Specially for Alex below the proof that even in Filzmoos they know how to hang the paper.

Wish you all a Happy New Year and I’m looking forward to get the result in 2008 to 100-10 🙂






Elp, Drenthe (37-7)

December 5, 2007


Could not resist to take a picture of this one. By the way; I am sorry for being inconsistent. I have seen numerous toilets in the past year but I still have to work on the idea that one is being looked at in a strange kind of way when I enter the loo with my camera on my shoulder.

Langenhagen 36-7

December 1, 2007

I was all the time on the road but continuesly in hotels I had before 🙂

This time I went to Langenhagen which is actually the airport from Hanover-Germany.

Normally I stay at the Holiday Inn but this time I was on the other side in the Maritim and off course they had the paper hanging the correct way 🙂

I gues this was the last hotel this year as the following weeks I will be in Waterloo/Venlo/Langenhagen in the same hotels I have been before.

I might hit a hotel in Hagen and if this happens I will show you another hotel with correct paper 🙂 Inshaa Allah…

Oh yeah, here the proof…