after a 6 hour struggle a new running duck was born. According to the time keeper (my daughter) it came at 14:26 and the name is Tweety

Trouble ahead!!

May 31, 2011

after nearly a month the first egg is slowly opening…

one side finished

May 30, 2011

No more water entering the right side of the roof! thank god this is finished.

now waiting for the other side to start!

We had this weekend a reunion of our Ski “Self-Help Group” in Hofheim which is only half an hour away from our house but as some drinks were involved we decided to stay in a hotel next to Hofheim. Tiny rooms but correct hanging paper and when you arrive at 02:00 in the room you really don’t care about the room size 🙂

Too much food….

and the paper proof


Waterloo IBIS 264-24

May 27, 2011

2 day team meeting in Waterloo and we stayed in our “favourite” IBIS hotel. the paper was hanging correct but for some obscure reason I forgotten to take a picture….

so here an old picture I made ages ago 🙂


May 24, 2011

when you are living on the highway and hotels you sometimes needs to do thinks you normally don’t do…

Again on the road and as I have a meeting in Munich at 09:00 I decided to travel on sunday down south. As always I’m staying in the Neuwirt and as always the paper hangs properly 🙂

The right side of our property always looked like a big mess with hills of sand/rocks/stones and bushes that were too big to get them out. Today my neighbor came with a wheel loader and flattened the property. 🙂

Unfortunately now my lawn mover now gave up…hopefully they fix it fast.

finally, this crap is off my back 🙂