Lisbon Hotel Tivoli 104-10

February 26, 2009

this time in sunny Lisbon where the sun is shining and a lovely blue sky. Landing yesterday was quite funny as I presume the stewardess was still celebrating Carnaval because as we landed she said “welcome to Düsseldorf” which is one of the main cities in Germany for Carnaval. Half the plane start laughing and started screaming Helau!! and Alaaf!! 🙂

this time I’m here for an exhibition called Pro-digit@l and the hotel called Tivoli is just 500m away.

of course the paper is hanging right but take a look at the spare roll! I have never seen such a nice paper roll in any other hotel.


now is this awesome?


and for my friend Edo who collects pictures of bathroom goodies this one



This time in Reutlingen which is located some 30KM below Stuttgart. clean proper hotel with cheap WiFi as it only cost €5 per day.

Paper hangs correct so everything was fine. last but not least, when I woke up and looked out of the window it was a beatiful day but unfortunately you can’t recon that when the pictures that come out of a cheap Kodak camera.


and the proof for Alex..


6 hours of my live…

February 14, 2009

After 3 years my Jura coffee machine decided to stop working by just leaking water and nothing else. As I once had bought a maintenance kit I decided to repair the machine today as my wife is out the whole day and the little one is playing with her Nintendo.

the RTFM told me this would take 2-4 hours….in reality it took me almost 6 hours which of course was my own fault as I rebuild it 3 times wrongly together.

here some impressions.


nasty one, the screw in the center can only be reached with a very slim torx screwdriver which I didn’t have, so I cut out some plastic. Actually Jura does everything from preventing people to repair it themselves by using screws at the back which look like rivitting but are actually screws. then they use 3 different kinds of Torx screws at places where you can hardly reach them.


if you forget the position of the screw, something goes wrong…which happened to me..


yeah, now I remember, i took this one because I should count the numbers of teeth visible….and then I forgot to put it back to this position.


I think they cll this mess…


I can take this apart and put it back together blindfolded….bugger


it all makes sense now 🙂


old rubbers off and new ones on 2 x big ones and 4 tiny ones and use very little grease….so I could clean the first one as I used too much grease..


all parts clean now put them back in reverse order without any mistake…failed 4 times 🙂

but then after nearly 6 hours, 2 nearly nerv break downs, a lot of swearing I finally came to the point of success!

the first coffee and saved a repair of €250,- Now that’s really Dutch 🙂


Gorinchem 102-10

February 10, 2009

so I’m now in Gorinchem which is 50KM below of Utrecht in the Netherlands. lovely exhibition which starts every day at 1300 and ends at 2200.

all food and drinks are for free so all customers love to come and what can I say, even the Dutch whatever crappy hotel hangs the paper right 🙂

the hotel called Gorinchem hotel, the WiFi is for free…a Plus but for the rest it’s cheap..


this is completely mad, what a week! Due to our lovely travel restrictions I had a murder week in the car driving from home via Hamburg (client visit) to Hannover in the Holiday Inn. first prove for Alex that the paper still hangs right.


Next morning after a Conf Call I drove all the way down to Thierhaupten which is near Augsburg in the middle of bloody nowhere. This was a lovely hotel where each room had a painter’s name, funny enough I had Vincent van Gogh as my room which suits quite well when your Dutch. The KM sales rep had the room called Monet which also fits perfect as their product has the code name Monet. last but not least here the second proof for Alex.


the next day we had our customer day and I left here at 16:15 to drive to Waterloo-Belgium to have our team meeting….I arrived at 23:15 at our lovely Ibis to share a drink with the boys and then went straight to bed. Alex here your 3rd proof. Yes Xander, this is a reused picture but I ensure you that the paper was hanging correctly like always. 🙂


well, how many Kilometers was this?….


right, 2400 KM and a day in the car…whatever…I was home on Friday at 20:30 and had a lovely dinner with family and friends….and at 01:00 somebody brought me home by car who could barely walk…whatever..

Now I hope that after various discussions about Loopaper some of my colleagues will feed us with some extra hotel points.  Especially from Agent 001 who promised me tons of proofs for correct hanging paper. Sorry Alex but none of my colleagues hangs the paper WRONG! 🙂