Rome 13-4

April 22, 2007


lovely weather in rome and in the Holiday Inn they also know how the paper should be rolling down.



In the Design Center exibition hall of Linz Austria.

on the road again..

April 17, 2007

Lovely, back in the jungle, this time in Linz Austria. Lovely weather nice exhibition and of course paper in the right direction, which makes it 11-4 🙂

Something else notible, the toilet paper manufacterer also wants us to put the paper from the wall, otherwise you can’t see his logo….


A boring time….

April 10, 2007

Easter time, no hotels, no pictures….

so what do you do in these boring days? right! you start painting the kitchen while your wife and daughter are at the North Sea 🙂





10 – 4

April 4, 2007


Another day in langenhagen and this time a picture from the Holiday Inn Hanover Airport loo.

Of course they also know that the Alex way is the wrong way. 🙂


April 3, 2007


here we go again, here in Langenhagen they know how to hang the paper correctly.

couple of days at home, tomorrow to a new hotel in Langenhagen near Hanover. I guess Xela will loose another point 🙂

and then I’ll check the customer site as the bloody Italian didn’t check it yet.