Lawn Mower…

May 30, 2010

Coming back from Birmingham I found out that during the weekend my wife for the first time mowed the lawn. I was flabbergasted and delighted….then I saw that she also did our second parcel which is OK but she I noticed that the grass had a very short cut. You have to know that this piece of land is filled with stones. So I took a look at the lawn-mower and yes, the knives looked very abused. 😦

On tuesday I get the knive back. Update will follow. 🙂

UPDATE: knife looks like new 🙂


Birmingham IPEX 197-18

May 26, 2010

Well this was exhausting, 8 days of exhibition at the IPEX in Birmingham…. We stayed at the Jurys Inn which is located in the centre of Birmingham and this was very convinient for the wining and dining in the evening. I was one of the few lucky ones who got a big room while there were colleagues sharing tiny shoe box rooms 🙂

The paper was haning annoying so a point for both sides.

the view from the 16th floor wasn’t beautiful but at least I had a view as I heard from another partner who had to sleep in a room without a window but with a screen showing a webcam view 🙂

For those who don’t understand what I’m doing all day here some impressionse.

phoning and talking, that’s it 🙂

trying to sell these print controllers

The C80 controller for the Ricoh C900

or the IC307 for the C8000 engine from Konica Minolta

We also had a funny one when we tried to buy our train ticket as the windows based system crashed with a blue screen. The results was this.

5 hours before my plane leaves back home….

Airbed update..

May 15, 2010

Below the promised picture of the damaged bed. I tried everything but couldn’t find the hole. I filled it up again but after a whole day only some air got out. I guess it needs 130KG of pressure to get the air out. 🙂

this night a new bed and I slept like a bear 🙂

After the desaster at my brother’s place where the air bed had a hole and I basically slept on the floor we’re now at our friends place in the Netherlands and I got the big thick air bed while my wife has the thinner model.

During our drive from Germany to here she said to me “make sure you don’t destroy a bed again or nobody will invite us anymore”

guess what? I woke up after 3 hours realizing that there must be a hole somewhere in the bed. 😦

pics will follow but first the good news as the paper is hanging correct

while I was in berlin my colleague went to Leipzig (he alsways pronounced it like Leipschiss.. 🙂 ) and from there he also went to Berlin where he stayed in a hotel called Ivbergs Hotel which actually looks nice from their website.

The paper was hanging correct so I’m more than glad to post it for him. 🙂

Danny, one question: did  you find a gemischte Sauna? 🙂

Mother’s day….

May 9, 2010

Today is mother’s day and this morning I went to the bakery to buy some fresh rolls and a strawberry cake with a note to all the mother’s… I wanted to take a pic of that but my ladies were faster 🙂

so I decided to iron the rest of the laundry and get a new button on one of my shirts.

after I checked what the cats had done on the killing fields this weekend which was in total 3 mice, one bird and above those one baby bird (only back left over)… looks like a default weekend. 🙂

this afternoon watched the great F1 victory of Webber of Red Bull Racing and then started to prepare the food for this evening which will be a big salad with shrimps and some cooked vegetables, yummi. 🙂

what’s missing? Right, the tomatoes but don’t worry I found them. Now waiting till the government comes home so I can start cooking as the cutting work is done.

what else, well I downloaded the pics and then realized that my daughter took my camera and made a sh*tload of pictures of which I found 2 very cool. 🙂

I hate this male rabbit named Rex as he once bit me in my thumb…but it is a cool pic.

the camera didn’t put Ben (neighborn 1,5 year old) sharp but that makes this picture so nice.

Welcome Home !!

May 8, 2010

After a week in Israel and a week in Berlin it’s always nice to come home and “relax”

Saturday 07:00: waking up, shower, coffee, emails

09:00: start the laundry session

10:00: post office, bank, supermarket

11:00: starting the ironing session

14:00-15:00 watching F1 Qualifying in Barcelona 🙂

 15:00 mowing the lawn + the left and right side in total 500 square meters

16:00 continuing the ironing and getting the last part from the washing machine

18:00 preparing food, asparagus with potatoes, pork filet and sauce Hollandaise

18:26 preparing this post and realizing that in between I got my inbox down to 38 mails (from +/-400)

18:27 realizing my sent box contains 870 mails…. Great to be home….

From Israel via Colgne now in Berlin. pretty tough getting up at 05:00 but heh, I couldn’t have an office job as it would kill me.

This week a workshop and then the PostPrint exhibition as a small starter for the big fair in Birminham starting the 18th.

The NH hotel is always a nice one and this one is in the centre of the city so also very nice. The lady at the reception probably just lost her boyfriend as she was in a pretty whatever mood…

Anyhow the room made me laugh as when I went to check the loopaper I bursted out laughing as this is a badroom for disabled people 🙂

after I stopped laughing I start thinking; am I’m getting old and therefore they gave me this room? mmmhhh…

whatever, the paper was hanging correct 🙂

just realizing, 6 more points to go and I got 200 points 🙂

Arrived back home at 21:45 and was called by my neighbor asking if I’m coming to the weekly sport training. I denied but promised I would come for the third part which is the pub… so at 01:00 I was finally in bed.

Saturday we visited our skiing friends together with some other friends from all over Germany. We had a perfect BBQ/Cologne Beer and the best in is the fact that the paper always hangs proper 🙂

Don’t ask why our friends have a square loo but it looks pretty.

The Holiday Inn in Cologne lays next to a nice park and after a very short night I thought it would be good to have a walk around the lake…

now to bed as tomorrow morning an early flight to Berlin….