Filzmoos, Austria 95-10

December 27, 2008

and the final result is 95-10 for now! πŸ™‚

on skiing vacation in Filzmoos, the beer taste good, the food is good as last year, enough snow for skiing what else do you want?

off course the paper hangs right and now we will enjoy one week of skiing, eating, drinking and laughing…

happy new year and a hopefully fantasic 2009!

and for Alex the final picture of this year πŸ™‚



Vacation time and we started with a weekend in Bergheim which is in the Alsace area in France. This weekend they had Β somelike 70 cribs all over the little village so we stayed at our favourite hotel/restaurant Chez Norbert. like always we had lovely food and like always my wife complained about the fact that she can’t sleep next to me in a French bed as they are too small πŸ™‚

I just made the calculation what this little weekend cost me and I can tell you that it was again a sh*tload of money as we also loaded the car with 30 bottles of CrΓ©mant πŸ™‚

what else, the food was excellent and again as always we eat tooo much of Foie Gras and also bought too much of it….and 2KG of Crevettes, and, and….

and the sh*tty part? I got flashed in Germany and presume it will give me 3 points….and then it flashed again in France but I’m still not sure if I or the Italian in front of me got flashed.. we’ll see..

anyhow, lovely weekend and the paper was hanging correctly πŸ™‚


Friends…. :)

December 17, 2008

what are friends for? they help you so when my Dutch friend asked me to translate a Christmas Greetings to German I was more then willing to help πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

so what he got back was a fully pornolized version.

merry Christmas Frits and Petra πŸ™‚

the last visit this year to Holiday Inn in Langenhagen/Hanover…

it was a long and exhausting year and I’m really looking forward to 3 weeks of “vacation”… reality this means that I will be online and my cell phone is switched on πŸ™‚

anyhow, that feeling that I’m on vacation and skiing in Austria (the last loo paper this year) gives me a super feeling.

as I said, it was an exhausting year and when I look at the result of 55 hotels this year and a total 0f 104 hotels since we started this blog in March 2007 I can honestly say it was a tough year. Nevertheless I enjoyed it and am looking forward how it will be in 2009 which will businesswise be a rough year … we’ll see what happens and how many hotels I will see and how many kilometers i will drive for that….this year 60.000km versus 50.000km last year. actually funny as the contract is made for 4 years and 140.000km. I guess I will get a phone call pretty soon telling me to get a new car πŸ™‚

what else? yep the proof for Frau Alex von Panzer and for my brother a new picture πŸ™‚


Well, again in Hallbergmoos near the Munich Airport for a meeting and again the paper was hanging right and the food was excellent. πŸ™‚

I got one more hotel to go this year for business which will be again in Langenhagen in the Holiday Inn and the it will be vacation with one hotel in Filzmoos Austria. This means we will end at 94-10 this year. let’s see howΒ we continue next year πŸ™‚

and here the proof for Alex von Panzer πŸ™‚


well I had another meeting in Waterloo and therefore stayed again in the Ibis Waterloo hotel. it was pretty noisy as a bus load of eastern Europeans stayed in the hotel and therefore I had as before with a bus load of BritsΒ few sleep…

anyhow this time with a new pic as my brother noticed I reused an old picture the proof. πŸ™‚


Jungholz Austria 90-10

December 6, 2008

after the sales session we drove 40KM down south to Jungholz. quite funny, this place belongs to Austria but is surrounded by Germany and has no direct connection to Austria. We went here for some fun event with the sales reps and we did had some fun !

after 123 Schnaps and 60 pints of beer everybody was satisfied and we sledged down….well we lost one which had to be driven down by car as he couldn’t sledge anymore πŸ™‚

the hotel was a private place but even here they hung the paper the right way.


Kempten snow chaos 89-10

December 4, 2008

well I had to go to Kempten which is approx. 425KM drive, unfortunately the snow came exactly that morning and for the first 40KM I needed roughly 2 hours. a bloody nightmare. whatever I arrived around 3PM in Kempten and still had enough time to set everything up for the next day sales training.

The hotel was called Landhirsch Hotel and was proper and clean, except the WiFi which didn’t work at all for me. this resulted in 104 new mails when I came on Friday.

whatever, the paper was hanging right πŸ™‚