I should have flown to Warsaw on Monday and I regulary checked in. there was a little bit of snow but nothing serious from my point of view but all of sudden you could feel that things were going wrong. Our plane was late and we boarded an hour later as planned. We all went in the plane and we there waited for another hour…

All of sudden the captain came on the intercom with the message that the flight was cancelled and we should all leave the plane and try to get another flight. We went out and of course when you came to checkin there was already a massive queue. It took me 2 hours to get to a lady who advised me to go for the flight at 20:55 and me dumb ass did this.

So I waited another 5 hours just to find out that this flight was also cancelled. So you go back again to checkin and wait for another 2 hours just to get yourself on the waiting list for the first flight the next morning at 06:50.

This means you wake up at 04:30 go to the airport directly to the gate as my luggage is still hiding somewhere in the basement…or not, I don’t know. At the gate you wait for another 40min and I was the first one at the counter to hopefully getting a seat. In the mean time you buy a coffee and a sandwich for bloody €7,90 just to find out that the plane is completely overbooked and you are nr. 26 on the waiting list. 10 Minutes later this flight was also cancelled and they told everybody to go back to checkin and look for alternatives. Well I went back just to find out that the whole hall was a big mess with thousands of people queuing up so for the first time in the last 24 hours I made a wise decision.

I went down stairs to baggage claim and there to lost luggage. There was nobody waiting and I could immideately speak to somebody. Explained him the situation and that I would like to cancel the trip and get my luggage back. They will bring it now to my home as they couldn’t retrieve it from the basement. whatever, I’m now back home the open fire is burning, I got a coffee and some nice bread. 🙂

just look how it looks like right now in FRA airport…

this queue continues underneath and the one in the background is in front of Business Class.

this queue continues another 30 meter and is for tickets only.

this is the view in Hall B and in the background this continues around the corner for another 50 meters on both sides.

  • What annoys me is the fact that this took them all by surprise although the weather forecast was yelling it for a week.
  • They don’t react to these things which means that yesterday the counter ladies left after duty and no additional backup was available which ment that the qeues were getting bigger and bigger
  • This morning at 05:40 there were no ladies at all but the queues were already like the pics above.

How ignorant is this?

Whatever, I made it home, cancelled the trip, got a nice view outside in also inside the house. 🙂


What can I say, winter is coming! This morning I woke up and saw that the first snow arrived. Forecast for the week is more snow and chilly degrees. 🙂

After the visit to a client in Ammerndorf near Nuremberg I continued my trip down to Munich back to Hallbergmoos in my favourite hotel Neuwirt.

Coming in, getting a smile and my key like always. Just great 🙂

looking forward to a great steak tonight 🙂

and yes, like always the paper was hanging properly.

From Stuttgart to Rothenburg auf der Tauber is normally an easy drive but today the highway was blocked by a truck which crashed and then dumped 18.000 KG of Christmas trees on the highway. So I had to make a huge detour but made it.

Rothenburg is a very old town but when you walk through it you get the feeling you are in Tokyo as it was packed with them. 🙂

The hotel Mittermeier is an old house but the inside is very modern. They have WiFi FOC but unfortunately it didn’t work in my room, so I’m writing this near the reception. 

Had a small but nice decorated room with my personal Nespresso machine and of course correct hanging paper 🙂

Tomorrow continuing to Ammerndorf and then down to the 3rd hotel in Hallbergmoos

here you go

too many Japanese in Rothenburg

more Japanese…

my hotel

Stuttgart Hotel Ochsen 228-19

November 23, 2010

well, back on the road again for the next couple of weeks starting in Stuttgart at the Hotel Ochsen. Nice hotel with correct hanging paper.

Will have some nice food tonight and see how the paper is hanging tomorrow in the next hotel 🙂

interesting shadow on the loo. Was there a rabbit in the bathroom? 🙂

back in Sweden where the winter is slowly but steadily coming and that’s exactly the temperatures I like.

This time I didn’t have to stay in a private house due to an exhibition but stayed in the Best Western Time Hotel. Due to good connections of the person who helped me with the reservation I got a Superior room for the price of a standard room. not bad as the prices are pretty high in Sweden. 🙂

Nice room, paper hanging right, great dinner. I guess life could be worse 🙂

Abu Dhabi, Yas Hotel 226-19

November 14, 2010

I’m personnally not there but a lovely colleague without a decent camera (Black Berry) who was so kind to make this picture for me. 🙂

not very sharp but you can recognize that the paper is hanging the proper way.

thx Silke and sorry Alex that now also another woman is stabbing you in the back 🙂

walking sticks going loose :)

November 12, 2010

guess my daughter was bored 🙂

small surprise when I entered my room. they have 2 additional pillows, one is stiff and one is soft. I went for the stiff one 🙂

and of course the paper still hangs correct.

5 KG….

November 3, 2010

In South Korea I lost 5 KG of weight which was excellent. Reasons were all the running I did but also the excellent food with a lot of vegatables.

I thought this was a good start to lose some more weight but it came as it shouldn’t had come…I went to Greece and of course they feed you with tons of food..

this should have been 3 pics but I forgotten that I still had the panorama setting on

as said, I discovered a new setting on my Kodak Camera which allows me to take Panorama pictures which looks really cool. This was the view from my hotel room