this time for 3 days at an open house in Regensburg. It’s far to warm and it takes me the whole night to get the room temperature down to a level which is acceptable. Next to that the bed is far too soft and doesn’t make sleeping a pleasure but….at least the paper hangs correct 🙂



well, as said from Waterloo Belgium to Hannover Germany. I arrived at 22:00 after a day full of talking and driving 530km.

then the next morning a client presentation and around noon I drove 360KM to home and then after loading my ladies in the car we drove straight to our friends in the Netherlands (350KM) where we arrived at 20:00 which was then 7 hours of driving….

now a couple of days “relaxing” as we have in total 4 young ladies around us which means that it isn’t very quiet..

well the hotel, I have been here before and the paper still hangs correct 🙂


IBIS Waterloo 120-10

May 21, 2009

nothing changed, paper hangs not nice but correct. again a tough week with nearly 1900KM.

had a team meeting in Waterloo which meant that I drove from home to Waterloo (350km) and the next evening to hannover (530km)


This is actually already a week ago but my laptop crashed and I had no posibility to post this.
typical 1960 hotel but at least clean and WiFi was pretty cheap.
the paper was hanging correct the only problem I faced was the door opening which was around 1.85 meter and therfore I ran into it for about 3 times 😦



well as I said yesterday, back in Berlin and yes the paper hangs correct. 🙂 what else, well it took me 4 hours 15 minutes from home to the boundery of Berlin (560KM) which brings me to an avergae of 125KM/H. Not bad when you understand the roads I had to take 🙂

this is the good thing about the recession, less traffic on the highways…

and specially for Alex, here the proof.


well back in Langenhagen but this time not in the Holiday Inn who were full but in the Hotel Nordic Ambiente. Been here before and nothing changed, paper hangs right, rooms are clean and priceworth and the WiFi is FOC 🙂

took my a while to post this as this was already last Thursday but we had a couple of days off and enjoyed the sunny weather in the Netherlands.

Scary enough this was the first time since 1978 that I was in Holland during Queens Day and then this bloody idiot decides to kill a bunch people and himself. well that was the end of the celebration and I guess the next 31 years I will stay outside Holland before I try it again. 😦

anyhow, the days helped a little bit to regenerate the batteries as tomorrow I will be for the rest of the week in Berlin.

staying at the NH Hotel near the famous KuDamm and I guess the paper is still hanging the same way as last year…the correct way 🙂

just for Alex who went dead silent, the famous proof pic.