Langenhagen again…63-7

June 23, 2008

back in the holiday Inn Hanover-Airport.

the paper is still hanging correct but this time it wasn’t done very lovely…

whatever, it hangs correct 🙂

for the rest, still angry about the lousy game NL had versus Russia. Yes they were better but….

1. why were 3.500 Russian fans louder as 35.000 bobo so called Dutch fans?

2. why were the Russians still running after 110 minutes while our guys stopping to play?

3. why were the Russians well prepared by Guus Hiddink and our guys paralized by the great Russian play?

Whatever..back in  2 years…good luck Russia, I hope you guys win.



This is a tricky one but after looking closely I decided that the paper is hanging correct because the paper holder is attached to the side wall and therefore the paper is hanging from the wall 🙂

Hotel is OK, cheap WiFi (8€ for 24 hours real usage, which is cheap in Germany) what else do you want?

the next 2 days are exhibition again (Mailing Tage, which is a direct mailing fair)

and here the proof

Ulm-Grimmelfingen 61-7

June 17, 2008

after the exhausting Drupa fair back to “normal” live. Tonight arriving in Ulm (southern Germany) for a small tour to Ulm and then to Kempten and from there back up to Nuremberg to see the next hotel.

The hotel was simple but proper and most importantly, the paper was hanging correct 🙂

by the way, the drive from home to Ulm which is 352KM was done in 2 hours and a couple of minutes…how is that possible? simple it was Monday evening, Germany was playing against Austria which ment 2 things. first off the highway was clean from any cars as everybody was watching the game. secondly, also the cops were watching the game so no radar control ! Awesome!! 🙂

and here just for the statistics, the proof


June 14, 2008

it’s unbelievable, 4-1 against France! we’re through and ready for the quarter finals! YEAH!!!

more interesting is the fact that as I’m driving with my orange labeled car through the village people (Germans) are waving and giving me thumbs up 🙂

As my house is dressed up with Dutch flags (see below) various people drive by to take a look. Next to that some people who pass by my house every day to take their dog for years, all of sudden stop and start to communicate with me 🙂

football championships are great to meet new people 🙂

suvived the Drupa, the longest printer exhibition world wide! 14 days and 14 drinking nights are really tough!

whatever, couple of days to relax and then we go to the next exhibition…and next Loo 🙂

last but not least Holland beat Italy 3-0 so it was time to dress up the house and car….which all my German neighbors don’t like and they dress up there cars and house with German flags 🙂


Hi out there, I’m in survival mode as I’m at the Drupa ( which is the biggest exhibition world wide for the printing industry. I survived 10 days so far and today taking a day off. Monday till Wednesday I will run on batteries for the last 3 days. As usual Drupa is a mad house, starts at 1000 till 1800 and then the real hard work starts….Beer O’clock till god knows how late. June the 3rd was the worst as we gave a party for our client. I landed in bed at 0600 and got up at 1000 just to find out that we had a team dinner that evening which again went till 0100… Like I said, it’s a mad house 🙂

whatever, the loo paper at the Novotel in Oberkassel (other side of the Rhine) hangs correctly.


 UPDATE: small correction, June 3rd it was 0315 hours as this was the first customer party. June 5th it was until 0600 which was then actually already the 6th which was then followed with the team dinner until 0100….. as you can see, it’s a crazy out here 🙂