Berlin 22-4

June 23, 2007


another day another city…

I’m getting tired but heh if you want to move something you’ll have to move your butt 🙂

This time a nice hotel in the centre of Berlin called DOMICIL and of course the loo was in a perfect condition.

Thank god it’s weekend and I can now relax a little bit as the night was very short in Berlin… comment 🙂


Lost the count… oh no

June 20, 2007


well with this one it’s 21-4 🙂

this was at the IBIS Hotel in Zurich, not very nice done but at least the correct way.


June 20, 2007


from Nuremberg via Düsseldorf to Osnabrück and arriving at 22:00 hours, deadly tired but never the less I picked up my camera and found another loo in the correct way. 🙂

Nuremberg 19-4

June 16, 2007


Thursday at the exhibition in Nuremberg I stayed at the West Park Hotel and of course found the loo in a perfect condition. 🙂

Krakow 18-4

June 8, 2007

Well, what can I say? Krakow is a lovely city with lovely people and I had some interesting days there…..

Now my body tries to recover from it… 🙂

….and at the IBIS in the centre of Krakow they also know how to hang the paper, sorry Alex 🙂


Last week we had a lovely weekend in Phantasialand, sunny on Saturday and raining on sunday but the kids loved it. and while walking through the park I found the loo in the chinese style restaurant. What can I say? even the “chinese” know how the paper should hang 🙂