Just for Alex :)

September 26, 2009

As Frau von Panzer is the toughest lady on earth I discovered that shoe uses an extreme loo paper.

tell me Alex, did you bring this with you to Singapore? 🙂



My daughter was on a little school vacation in the youth hostel in Diez.

she had 3 days of fun but didn’t forget to take a picture for the Loo blog. 🙂


Back to business 140-13

September 21, 2009

Back to work, in my case back to Hoofddorp in the NH Hotel where again the paper was hanging right. came in yesterday as driving in Holland is a nightmare so I decided to drive in on sunday which took me 3,5 hours and this would have taken me at least 4,5 hours if I would have driven in on a monday…

As said, another point for the real believers 🙂


saying goodbye….

September 20, 2009

somehow Yara still struggles with the loss of Flap and therefore she not only decorated the grave but also today put some grass/flowers on his grave and set there for a while talking to him…


and a nice grave for Flap

September 19, 2009

As my daughter was pretty mixed up by the sudden death of Flap she decided where to bury him which was in the front garden besides the little walnut tree we have.

Unfortunately for me the soil is like concrete and filled with stones. Beside that there are numerous roots so it took me a while to get a hole into the soil but heh, it’s for your daughter so you do it.

It is interesting to see how children deal with this. Yara decided to paint Flap and afterwards decorated the grave and now everything is fine for her.



Farewell Flap….

September 19, 2009

As some of you know we have a bunch of weird animals inclading giant snails, cats and walking stick insects. But we also had Flap a German Giant rabbit weighing some 4+ KG. During the summer we always put him in an outdoor enclosure where he can ran around and enjoy live. Yesterday evening my wife and I were sitting outside sharing a drink when all of sudden we heard a very high screaming animal voice coming from our backgarden and going beisdes the house to the front.

I jumped up and ran to the front were I first found our 2 cats with enormous tails staring in the dark….then I found Flap making weird noises and obviously had a heart attack. we brought him in and tried to relax him but it didn’t help. He passed away shortly after midnight.

I saw an animal running away after one of the cats attacked it but I’m not sure if it was a fox or a marten but that doesn’t really matter anymore. Now let’s see how our daughter reacts when she wakes up…

Farwell Flap, we had 4 years of fun with you and even the breeder was astonished that you made it such a long time.

flap tot

Plan B

September 18, 2009

although I’m the only one writing to this blog it is funny to see that more and more people get affected by the Loo Virus as they find things and send these over to me.

this time Daniel the Webmaster and ruler of all IP bans send me this one which we all can feel might hurt while we start thinking of how to continue if we would be in the same situation…


but heh at least Alex is safe, no points 🙂

as special agent SD007 proved last week that Mrs. A-Processor was cheating I decided this week to have a look myself in London and went to a nice hotel just 400 Meters away from the Monika building in Bakerstreet. I stayed in the Sherlock Holmes hotel and must say, not only the paper hangs right but also the rest of the hotel was very decent. The rooms had airco which allowed you to cool your personal drinks…..I like it cold but had to switch the airco off. Nevertheless, don’t get me wrong I was delighted to find an airco in the hotel. Next to that the size of the room was very decent…no I would say big compared to the other british hotels I had in the past. we also call them shoe cartons. also having a wooden floor instead of heavy carpet made me very happy. pleanty of restaurants around the corner made me a happy chap. 🙂

I normally complain about travelling to the UK but thanks to the “recession” I must say it went really smooth. stepped out of my meeting, put my hand in the air and immideatley a Taxi stopped and drove me to Paddington station. Got out and pulled a ticket for the Heathrow Express. Got into the train and 4 minutes later the train drove off. Arriving at the airport, checked in and went to the lounge. had 2 drinks, 3 sandwiches and 2 secret calls and went to the gate. arriving at the gate and we took off in time and arrived punctually. WOW!

and for Mrs Panzer von Schieren and Mrs. Cheater A-Prozessor here the proof.



As I knew that Mrs. A. R-Processor from Prollhagen-Germany is a wronghanging loopaper believer like Mrs. Alex von Panzer I had some doubts that he turned the paper around by himself and then took the “proof” picture in the Monika Building in London.

Luckily enough I have my Special Agent SD007 which I immideately ordered to go to the same building to take a real evidence picture to either confirm or not what A.R. send me.

Special Agent SD007 was very embarrased to take pictures in the Loo. I guess the real killing is more what he likes. Anyhow he took the picture and the paper was hanging correct! He also told me that he will refuse any of these orders in the future…

This now raises the question; why was A.R. cheating? Does he really need these dirty tricks? Is this because of bad experiences while growing up? Is it because he lives in this little country side town called Prollhagen which lays in the middle of bloody nowhere? Questions, questions, questions.

Nevertheless this needs sanctions but what?

should we ban him from future pictures? Or dismiss him for 2 years just like a rowing team that use any kind of doping? Maybe we should send him over to Japan for 2 years of endless meetings with his counterparts over there?…maybe not a good idea as he would most likely turn into a mass murder..

we’ll find something, anyhow Frau A.R-Processor and Frau von Panzer, one point to the correct side! 🙂


I hate these machines that “safe” the environment because there is never a winner. One time you win and with the next paper you lose.

so, dear Frau R-Processor and Frau von panzer, no points for both of us.