Brown fingers??

July 28, 2009

I got a bunch a weird colleagues in Israel who are now infected by the Loopaper virus πŸ™‚

But after looking at their pictures (thx Danny) I’m now wondering if they have brown fingers and I shouldn’t shake their hands anymore πŸ™‚

these were taken at the port ofΒ  Tel Aviv….t 018

t 016

was it the smell? Or did he just steal the paper?

t 017

mmmhhhh, don’t they have any toilet paper anymore in Israel? does every customer brings his own paper and hangs it correct or incorrect to his/her favor? or did my colleagues made a diplomatic move to ensure that Alex doesn’t loose another point?

we’ll never know…..


Hallbergmoos 131-11

July 25, 2009

so, the last event for a couple of weeks and again in the Hotel Neuwirt where everything was as good as the previous times. The only annoying thing about these events was the fact that they went till friday which meant that I had to drive on a friday afternoon back home. last week it took me 5 hours but this time is was 6,5 hours which drives you completely nuts. to explain this better, well if you drive to Munich leaving early in the morning it will take you 4 hours….

the fun part of these trips is the fact that you can argue with miss GPS if you follow her suggestions….which I quite often ignore πŸ™‚

right, just for the sake of it here the final proof for miss Alex πŸ™‚

Hallbergmoss juli

Here we go again, after Switzerland I continued driving towards Munich and as a cheap Dutchman I drove via small roads 15KM through Austria just to save €14,- for a bloody vignette πŸ™‚

Now back in my hotel here in Hallbergmoos where the paper still hangs correct.

HΒ΄Alex, your percentage is going further down πŸ™‚


and next week I have another event here, so presumably another point for me. πŸ™‚

Dietikon-CH 129-11

July 15, 2009

This week I started in Switzerland for a 1300 KM trip.

I stayed in Spreitenbach at the Arte Hotel where I have been before. Hotel is clean, paper hangs right and the WiFi was FOC. πŸ™‚

view from the room, you can see from the flags that Swiss people are proud of their country.



I thought I make some more pics from Friedrichshafen. Now preparing for the next week, 3 more hotels this week πŸ™‚

I guess they have the paper hanging correct but you never know….






more and more people start helping me with the correct paper.

this one comes from our office in Israel.

thx Ariel but next timeΒ buy a decent camera πŸ™‚


Friedrichshafen Part 2

July 9, 2009

yesterday after the working day I went to the lake and made some snapshots.



what you see at the other side is Switzerland.



Yesterday I was in Stuttgart for an event and from there I drove down south to Friedrichshafen for another 2 day event. Staying in the centre of town with view on the Bodensee lake πŸ™‚

WiFi is FOC and the paper hangs correct so I’m a happy chap