Elp, Drenthe (37-7)

December 5, 2007


Could not resist to take a picture of this one. By the way; I am sorry for being inconsistent. I have seen numerous toilets in the past year but I still have to work on the idea that one is being looked at in a strange kind of way when I enter the loo with my camera on my shoulder.


the results so far 7-3

March 25, 2007











These are the results so far. The results are coming from Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain (and a funny one I found on the Internet).

Here go!

March 25, 2007

After long discussions, too many beers, sleepless night and some help from the Dutch Mafia, we finally made it!

As usual the Italian Mafia promised and promised this blog but he didn’t do anything….as usual šŸ™‚

As the Loo Admin wrote, this blog is all about how toilet paper should hang (to the front or to the wall)

Lovely country sideĀ girl AnnaĀ and myself are the opnion it should hang to the front andĀ Frau Alex von Panzer thinks it should be to the wall.

Therefore we decided that we will find out what the rest of the world thinks about this. And as we all are travelling a lot we decided (mmhh, actually I did) that the best way to find out is to make pictures from every bathroom we find in this strange world.

Right now as we start this blog the result is 7-3. It should really be 9-3 but our friendly Mafiosi Edo decided that if the paper is neither to the front nor to the wall, the point should go to Frau Von Panzer.

Have fun with it/ignore it orĀ whatever šŸ™‚


dit is de derde keer dat ik het probeer maar nu zodanig dat Daniel blij is!!