Tough Day…

November 30, 2011

Grandma died with the lovely age of 101 years. It was over in a couple of minutes and she was at home. you can’t get it better.

Think about it, as a Hungarian she had 5 currencies, survived 2 WW and Soviet occupancy and even knew the Austrian Kaiser!

well don you and have fun in heaven

So why was it a bad day? Well we were woken up at 02:00 in the morning with the bad news and after that I couldn’t sleep anymore so I stood up and started working. I had an appointment in London so at 07:00 I drove to FRA and at 10:00 I was at LHR. Had the meeting and because I didn’t know how long this would go I took a flight back at 19:45 GMT. Well as usual, too much air traffic, too much ground traffic, whatever… We left at 20:45 GMT and landed at 22:30 CET in FRA. They now only use the new landing strip which means taxiniing for ages to get to the gate. Long story short, at 24:00 I was at home, completely wasted….22 hours on your feet isn’t really nice…

this picture i took at the BMI lounge at LHR


still in Sweden

November 24, 2011

again a nice visit in Sweden with excellent food, nice beer and a lovely view over the city.

and at day time

and a lovely piece of meat

One week in Sweden is always lovely. Hotel is OK, paper is hanging correct but don’t ask why I am eating Sushi and Indian Curry in Stockholm 🙂

2 days in Birmingham for customer visit and training. Partner picked me up and drove me back to LHR which I really liked as it saved me a lot of time finding my way with trains and tubes to Birmingham.

In the evening lovely spicy Indian food and I challenged the cook to get it really hot… was 🙂

the paper was hanging proper so that was also good.

the shock came this morning when I was served “breakfast”….. 😦


November 10, 2011

so you are having 1,5 KG of shrimps and believe you won’t finish them all with 3 people.

so you keep on eating and you actually finish them all. Now you start wondering what the weight of the left-overs is….

unbelievable, 766 GR which means that 50% of the 1,5KG you can throw away….next time we buy them without head and skin


They keep on surprising me 🙂

Came in on Monday and checkin went pretty fast as they had some internal meeting so I took my key and went upstairs, checked the paper which was hanging correct (I didn’t expect anything else) and stored my clothes and finally started my laptop and logged in to work.

All of sudden somebody knocked on my door and I was surprised by a servant bringing me a plate of fruits and chocolates 🙂

always nice to get surprised by my most favourite Holiday Inn 🙂

It makes the proof picture pretty unimportant


I hate my travel agency! you book FRA-LHR and you get FRA-LHR LGW-FRA which means you need to an additional train ticket to Gatwick.

Now, knowing that I’m a complete waste of space when it comes to public transportation you already know that you are doomed…

Inbound flight was OK, Heathrow Express into london was OK, taking the tube to my first meeting was fine, although I had no clue where to go to when I left the tube station at Warren Street but that was quickly solved with the help from the police.

I didn’t plan my journey in the evening to the hotel as my boss should have joined me and he knows the route to take but guess what? He changed his plans and stayed at another hotel in the opposite direction so all of sudden I had to figure out how to come to the hotel and believe me, I would have failed if I wouldn’t have had some help from my German partner who lives in London. The problem was that my boss had told me to go to Finchley Road & Frognal which turned out to be wrong as I had to go far simpler to just Finchley Road. Well, I guess that saved me an hour or so…

The next day I got up early to plan my trip for the second meeting in Baker Street where my boss told me it would take me 45-60 minutes to get there. Therefore I left earlier and guess what? It took me 20 minutes and I could wait for an hour. Whatever, meeting was fine and then I had my planned journey to the airport but in this case not to Heathrow but to Gatwick which is way out and I had never been there. So I took the Tube from baker Street to Victoria and with some help I even managed to get  my prepaid ticket out of the machine, I walked to the trains, saw it and jumped in and thought I did everything right. Well I didn’t as i was sitting in the Gatwick Express and my ticket was only valid for Southern which meant that I could spend another 17,90 GBP to get to the airport. That’s the problem in a country where they have 0ne bazillion train ticket vendors.

The airport itself is crap and they are completly refurbishing it and to make things even worse, LH just started their service from LGW which means that they showed up only 2 hours prior to the flight and of course there was no lounge….funny enough, while sitting at the bar pre writing this story down, my Mont Blanc gave up…it fits to the situation.

The good thing about this airport is the fact that it is far smaller as LHR which means that the walking distance is shorter and the plane leaves on time…..well, kind of as the push-back got broken while pushing us away from the gate and then there was a discussion between the tower and the captain if the plane was already pushed back far enough or if they would bring another one. Well we were pushed back far enough so after 5 minutes we left and managed to get on time in Frankfurt and there even landed on the brandnew runway.

What did I forget? right the paper at the Holiday Inn Express Swiss Cottage. Of course it was hanging correct 🙂