Execution Day….

April 27, 2011

The last full day here in London was my Execution Day… Guys whenever you see this street name and this area you know you are doomed…!!!!!

Terror has a name and it’s called “SHOPPING”!!!! Bloody Oxford Street has one Bazillion shops of which are 40 shoe shops but only one Pub and now I finally understood womens tactics. They only buy one or 2 items per shop so you don’t think it’s a big deal but at the end of Oxford Street you will see that your credit card is burning like Fukushima Nr. 2 !!

If this didn’t made you suffer enough the ladies decide that they really wanted to see HARRODS!!…. I think we only saw 10% of it and it is impressive but I was scared that after this my credit card would burn like Fukushima 1,2,3,4 and a shaking like an earth quake with 10 magnitude and a following Tsunami…but I must say they behaved…Uuuf

it is an impressive temple, I must admit

massive food temple, this is just an example as they have a complete floor with different sections..

And of course we had to take a look at the Dodi & Diana shrine

After that the ladies were worn out and needed food which we found opposite in the Café Rouge were we sat outside and watched all the impressive cars passing by to drop the ladies off for shopping

Tomorrow flying out and back to reality…


this morning we got up really early because the ladies wanted to see St. Paul’s Cathedral and Changing The Guards at Buckingham Palace. So at 06:45 I got up as of course I should be the first one to take a shower so the ladies can continue to wake up. After breakfast and another crap Tube trip (now it was a working day and they suffered 🙂 ) we arrived at St. Pauls. We went in and they asked 14,50 Pounds per adult!! Just to see some very old stones! I refused and the ladies went by themselves while I was having a double espresso and some water in the Cathedrals Caffee. It did though give some nice pics from my daughters camera….I admit…

this was still mine but the rest are hers.

yes she walked all the way up, 245 steps or something like that.

From here we took the tube to continue to Victoria and still there were millions in the tube and yes they suffered 🙂

we walked over to Buckingham Palace and stood in the middle of one bazillion idiots watching Changing The Guards. Police officers screaming that you should watch your belongings….and of course we saw a family that was pickpocket…poor kid was crying and shocked while his parents try to calm him down…Yeah that reminds me of my stolen camera in this bloody city 😦

well after an hour we went for some junk Italian food and a bloody souvenir shop…

100 UK Pounds later we continued our journey to something I wanted to see…

and only me wanted to see this which was Churchills War On Britain Museum which shows you London during WW2 and gosh it smelled old.

Gosh this looks stupid but my daughter liked it…

But then the best of this journey came…70 years old LOO PAPER 🙂

Tomorrow the ultimate male nightmare….Oxford Street, 40 Shoe stores but only one pub…I’ll die and better drink 3 Gallons of beer tonight to survive tomorrow..

Being a Tourist…

April 25, 2011

Today we started our tourist trip as we took a bus tour around London which brought us to all the typical places you should have seen….it was a 9 hour journey and the ladies are dead at 18:30 🙂

With this bus tour you can hop on and hop off whcih is actually nice as it brings you to the places you want to see and then continue to the next thing. I just don’t understand my ladies, why do they love the Tube?!?! I hate it!!!

whatever, the first stop we made was at the London Eye which was pretty impressive as you are 150 Meters above the Thamse and this gives you some nice shots.

and of course the typical pics…

A guard at the London Tower where we saw the jewellery of the Royal Family, no pictures allowed 😦

the we went to the Tower Bridge and had a look inside

and then came what had to happen…The ladies wanted to have Fish & Chips…

Tomorrow, the next part…

We’re on a 3 day vacation trip in London and after we checked in and saw that the paper was hanging correctlty,

we went to Madame Tussaud, blimy that place is crowed but I managed to have some pics with some “friends” 🙂

scary to see how many people took pictures with A.H. and raising their right arm….

When we returned to the hotel we were pretty hungry and found a nice pub with Tapas and while we were sitting there all of sudden 3 fire trucks showed up, no clue what kind of a false alarm there was but it gave me 2 more pictures 🙂

Another final proof :)

April 22, 2011

I love these kind of researches :o)

Last trip before the Eastern break brings me to Berlin. I drove down here which is a 6 hour drive with radar control behand every tree…but they didn’t get me 🙂

The Holiday Inn here near the Kurfürstendamm isn’t the best one and if I compare it to Hannover Airport then this one is pure crap. But at least they have WiFI (chargeable) and the paper hangs correct. 🙂

funny one from home. Since last week we have 3 walking ducks (one male and 2 female) and since yesterday we have 2 eggs….we’ll see where this will end…

another week another exhibition…this week in Poznan in Poland for an excellent exhibition and we stayed in the Mercure hotel which is opposite of the exhibition and 5 minutes away of the inner city.

here the view from my hotel room over the old town

the paper was hanging properly and on the last evening we found something funny. While I was on the phone talking to a colleague in Israel I wished him a great Passover vacation and at the same moment my colleague sitting next to me almost fell of his chair laughing. He then showed my why he was laughing and now I also bursted out laughing. 🙂

I also liked this one. The smoke detector in my room isn’t really the most effective one 🙂

It is always a challenge going to the correct toilet….

last but not least, the proof 🙂

Gut Höhne 255-23

April 8, 2011

2 days at a Baby DRUPA called Digimedia. My colleague booked his favorite hotel in Mettmann. http://www.guthoehne.de/ 

Lovely old hotel build in a castle style, free WiFi, toilet paper proper, great breakfast. Happy chap. 🙂

my Partner, lets call him Charly always finds special hotels. We had a training at their training centre and we stayed in this monestry called Alte Klostermühle. It was a lovely hotel with a great buffet where the chef would grill the beef fresh for you. The WiFi was crap but after all the beer I didn’t need any Emails anymore…

the buffet was really great and in the left corner you see the grill, guess my live is sometimes like honey 🙂

My room was really old style, just great. I was worried if the bed was too small and making too many cracking noises but this wasn’t the case

of course the paer was hanging correct with a lovely folded piece of paper 🙂

I made a little walk inside this area and found a graveyard which shocked me as on this graveyard killers and victims where burried next to each other….

and here the view from my window.