Krombacher, Kreuztal 285-29

October 30, 2011

This weekend we had a visit to our favorite brewery Krombacher. The tours on a saturday are not as good as during the week as instead of 3 hours this one is only 2 hours, so less to see and less to drink. Anyhow, it was fun as you can see below

after the brewery we went into the bar where they served us Bread, Ham, Gherkin and of course… BEER!!

One of ours came back from the toilet laughing his butt off as in the llo he found this!

In case you have no clue what this is….It’s a puking bowl 🙂

From my point of view it was more important how the paper was hanging. Proper haning so another point for me 🙂

so we left happy the brewers place and drove back home to…..continue 🙂

thank god the clock was put back to normal time so we could sleep another hour…


Well, what can I say? I left Munich on Saturday and now I’m back in Munich for a training which I have to provide….

This time nor staying in my favorite Neuwirt but 30KM away from Hallbergmoos in the Hotel Obermaier in Munich. Nice hotel, big room, champagner when you arrive (I refused as I had a CC) and the paper hangs properly 🙂

and last but not least, the paper 🙂


From Sinsheim I continued southwards to Munich where my partner had a European event with some 1200 people attending.

At the ICM fairgrounds they showed all their solutions and in the evening there was a party at the Löwenbräukeller which was amazing!

all very traditional bavarian style with even the opening of a beer can

traditional food

and tradional dance

Saturday I drove back home….and was very tired….

Last but not least, the paper was hanging properly 🙂

Hotel Bär, Sinsheim 282-29

October 12, 2011

Back on the road with my new rental car, a Mercedes C220 CDI, not a bad car 🙂

This week an exhibition which happens yearly in Sinsheim and from here I will continue to Munich for an event.

First time I’m staying in the Hotel Bär which is OK, only problem is their parking garage which is so tiny that it took me 10 minutes to park this huge car in this tiny parkspace….

Paper hangs correct so we are getting closer and closer to the 300 🙂

The end of an Audi A4….

October 7, 2011

My car started to leak water, well he is old and like in real live it’s normal that incontinence comes up 🙂

As the car also needed a maintenance to Audi but I warned to contact LeasePlan to see what they say as my new car is arriving in 4 weeks. As expected they rejected the repair & maintenance service and I had an A3 S-Line for 3 days, real fun car 🙂

Monday I will get another car for the remaining time until my new car arrives.

Here the final KM stand of my car….238.547 KM…

The tour today brought me from Frankfort to Hannover and was a desaster! Highways closed and a GPS which brought me everywhere but it took ages! I got a rental car as my Audi was officially declared dead after 238.535 KM…water was leaking and the our car fleet lady said; “it’s like in real life, with age comes the incontinence” 😀

Anyhow, back in my favourite Holiday Inn in Hannover and I was worried if the paper would be hanging correct this time after the last desaster. When I came into the room and checked the bathroom I got even more worried as there was a brand new roll which pretty often means, wrong hanging.

I slowly and shaky opened the roll and thank god!! It was hanging correct 🙂

This weekend started really tough as on Friday I drove from Hannover to home, then to Wiesbaden to pick somebody up and then continueing to Burgbernheim. Normally this would be 6,5 hours and 650 KM but as it was Friday and also Hessia started the autum vacation it took us 9 hours and I was completely destroyed when we arrived….

the place is a Spa with 6 free flowing springs and lays beatifully in the middle of nowhere

lovely hotel, very well priced (double room incl. breakfast for €62,-) A lot of animals running around, really nice.

5 Peacocks running around freely

fresh trouts 🙂

while walking around I took 2 pictures showing detailed information about the springs and the history of the hotel and here something triggered me.

the sign below showed the whole history but what triggered was the sentence of 1946-48 as it says that it was occupied by “displaced persons”. We asked the owner of the hotel and she gave us an article explaining that during thos days it was a military boot camp by the Hagana which was the early Israeli Defence Force. Never knew this before that they were trained in Germany before they went over to Palestine to build the State of Israel.


the next day we went to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, lovely town with too many Japanese tourists 🙂

In fron of one of the churches there was a South African group who started to sing which was awesome

From here we drove to Bad Windsheim to visit a “town” made of old original houses which are basically collected from the various towns in Bavaria and rebuild in this place.

A functional mill

The last day we went to Würzburg, beatiful city…

A think I originally noticed in Hamburg can be seen in more and more Germans cities. Little metal plates showing the names of Jewish people where they lived and where they died….

and another impressive church

Now before I forget, yes the paper was hanging correct 🙂