second try as I just ruined the first try…

After a drive of nearly 5 hours from Amstelveen we arrived in Hammburg. My wife wanted to tease me and therefore she asked me going shopping. As I’m painless after the the 2 day Amsterdam experience I agreed but caught her back by telling her that we would walk to the Mönckebergbergstrasse (the shopping street in Hamburg)

an hour later after shoes/clothes and jewellery and xxx € lighter we went to an Italian restaurant and xx € later the ladies went to bed and therefore I can now update the blog 🙂

here some impressions from today and yes the paper was hanging correct. 🙂

this scared me a little bit as Germany is now putting little plates in the ground where Jewish people were captured and the plate tells you when they were killed and where….

This one was painfull, captured in 1945 and killed in April ’45 one month before the war ended….

my daughter at the Alster (Hamburg inner lake)

and here a duck that was very curious 🙂


Amsterdam part 2

March 30, 2010

again the ladies got up late so again we waited at the entrance. This time we waited for 25min at the Van Gogh museum. 200 paintings later my ladies were so happy that we went shopping buying all the Dutch goodies you can’t get in Germany…

here some impressions from today but it a pity you are not allowed to take pictures inside. 😦

the Concert building

tomorrow to Hamburg-Germany which is a 4,5 hour drive. All the things to see I searched were rejected by the ladies and they searched some other things to do…we’ll see 🙂

Yesterday we went to Amsterdam to visit the Anne Frank house (Anne Frank diaries) but unfortunately my ladies needed quite some time to get ready which resulted in us queuing up for 35min to get in….half the day was gone 😦

amyhow it was nice and below some impressions.

the Westerkerk next to Anne Frank house



The Dam with the national monument

oooh, the airo flat bed…well the first night it was pretty chilly even for me….guess I’m getting old… so last night I got a second blanket and it was very warm…until…I woke up at 03:00 realizing that the bed was flat and me sleeping on the ground. As this bed has an electric pump I pumped it up again which resulted in a nice remark from my wife; “doesn’t wonder me with your weight as these beds are made for 100KG max.”

well half an hour later the bed was flat again and I gave up resulting in feeling all my bones this morning.

Only in Holland…

March 29, 2010

This is something you will only see in Holland. warm snacks out of the wall.

It’s really famous and funny enough tons of tourist want to do it also. couple of coins in the slide select your favorite snack and off you go. 🙂

Brothers home 184-16

March 28, 2010

We’re off for a week travelling to Holland and Germany visiting family and some musea. Staying at my brothers home and the first check was his toilet and yes, the paper still hangs correct. 🙂

Tomorrow going to Amsterdam to the Anne Frank House and in the afternoon visiting my grandmother.

it’s always the same, you go to bed after a tough night (pity I didn’t take a picture of my giant Snitzel) and the next morning you wake up far too early.

with the result that you open the window to let a fresh breeze in the room and realizing that the view isn’t too bad and the weather will be very nice.

and the travelling continues…Last trip before the Eastern Holidays and I thin I need it.

Now 2 days in Vienna introducing my full size colleague to 2 partners. Stayed before in this hotel which is OK, pretty central, nice rooms and WiFi FOC of which I’m a great fan 🙂

tonight the default programm, Food & Beer Austrian style…. 🙂

and yes the paper hangs correct with an interesting folding to the side which I never had before.

Is this car also kosher?

March 20, 2010

This situation reminded me that you should always have a decent camera next to you when you drive. While driving through Zürich I saw a car driving on the right lane with a license plate which made me laugh 🙂

Hope you can read it; HAL-AL xxx

sorry for the quality…

little update as you couldn’t read it..

I had a rental car in Zürich which looked ridiculous with 300KG in it 🙂

No FTL status anymore…

March 18, 2010

At the airport waiting for 3 hours for the plane to leave…… but since March 1st I can’t get into the lounge anymore as I lost my FTL status.

My colleague still owns a FTL status so he went in the lounge eating peanuts.

Therefore I decided to have a nice view on the runway and have some decent food.

Now tell me what is better? 🙂

Switzerland is bloody expensive but at the airport it’s even worse…. but it tasted great 🙂