Vienna Hotel Cortina 77-9

September 30, 2008

So, on the road in Austria and am staying in a small hotel in the 13th district called Cortina.

clean, nice and paper hangs correct 🙂 for the rest too much food and beer…. whatever.


Gerlingen 76-9

September 27, 2008

Well this time an event in a winery and stayed overnight in the Hotel Krone in Gerlingen. The only difference was that this time I stayed in the guest house which was directly next to the road and pretty noisy….well it didn’t matter as after all the wine in the winery and after that all the beer in the bar I slept like a rock 🙂

below 2 impressions from the winery where they had cans from 250-500.000 liters !! Actually very impressive when you hear that they produce 43.000.000 Liters of all German wine which is only 1% of the total German producement. This means that Germany produces 4.300.000.000 Liters of Wine . Now keep in mind that next to that they import a shitload of foreign wine from Italy/France/Spain/overseas (maybe another 4 billion liters)…. This means that if we take 50% of the German population that drinks wine…stop thinking here… 🙂

now at last the Loo proof 🙂


September 24, 2008

yep, back again in Langenhagen near Hannover and of course the paper hangs right..

but my brother complained that I had reused a picture at the Ibis in Waterloo (yes he was right as I didn’t feel to take a picture again..) and therefore took apicture again but this time in a different angle 🙂

the rest was the same as always except the price as they had an exhibition in Hannover and therefore doubled the price…bugger 😦

and specially for my brother her the proof 🙂

so Alex/Frits, how is Singapore paper hanging? 🙂

Berlin NH Hotel 74-9

September 18, 2008

I like this one, Alex goes to Valencia and the paper hangs wrong while I go the Berlin in a Spanish hotel who hang the paper correct 🙂

Nothing wrong with NH Hotels, big rooms, loo paper correct, good breakfast…..just one negative at this specific NH Hotel Kurfürstendamm as the hotel lays next to a metro line which is bloody 😦 but hey, you drink some beers and then you sleep excellent 🙂

Valencia, crap hotel 73-9

September 18, 2008

Well, got this one from Alex von Panzer who was in Valencia.

I was always under the impression that her employer was dropping her in good hotels. until now…. After seeing this Loo picture I now know that she also goes to crappy hotels who hang the paper the wrong way 🙂

here you go Alex, just for you 🙂


September 14, 2008

well we hat a sailing event in the Netherlands were we sailed from Goes to Zierikzee and then back to Goes.

it was crap weather but we had a lot of fun….until….we changed one more time the direction and I had to wind the sail up and don’t ask me how but somehow, somewhat between my ribs snapped. Now I can’t move to the left anymore which makes sleeping pretty painful. Next to that I shouldn’t cough or laugh because each time this happens I nearly collapse for pain…will see a doc tomorrow, which tells a lot as I normally never go to a doctor.. 😦

To make thinks worse, the Hotel we had in Middelburg had one of these “let’s save toilet paper” machines where you can’t decide who is right or wrong. So no points for me or Alex.

here the paper proof

now this picture shows a proud “sailor” but in reality this guy is hoping for shore asap as each wave gives you more pain.


September 11, 2008

so back in Waterloo at the plastic fantastc Ibis Hotel.

paper hanging right as always, here they can’t screw it up 🙂

anyhow, pretty tough driving from Germany to Venlo, NL then continued to Waterloo, Belgium stayed overnight and in the evening back to Germany in a new record time (2:53hours). I normally hate driving in the night but it is extremly helpful for speeding home as I normally need 3 to 4 hours from Waterloo back home. 🙂

for the sake of it and also for Frau von Panzer here again the Ibis proof.

so, a weekend of in the Alsace with good food, lovely wine and a lot of nature.

First thing to check in the hotel was the paper….guess what? it was hanging wrong! must be french influenced people otherwise it would hang correctly. Luckily I noticed that the roll was almost empty so I decided to have sh*t immideately to get rid of this roll and hang a new one in the correct direction.

The hotel itself was very good, we had a lovely menu (would have loved to take some pictures but the government didn’t want that…whatever as always in the Alsace region the menu is great but at the end you can’t finish a greeting from the kitchen, a starter (grilled liver) a first course (white fish on veggies, fabulous) a sorbet, a second course (quail, not enough meat for me 🙂 ) then the cheese wagon and at last the dessert wagon with an espresso..for the rest we visited the Maginot line where I found 24 meters below the surface Alex von Panzer’s first office 🙂

Today we visited the ruins of the castle Fleckenstein. enough sport for the rest of the year. 🙂

at last the pics of the loo which gives Alex another point…

Back in Langenhagen and my first run was to the Loo to check if they didn’t screw it again.

thank god the paper was hanging correct again 🙂

It’s silly, I get annoyed when paper hangs wrong like last week at the holiday Inn in Hannover and then all of sudden you get very bad news and everything gets unimportant.

In my case it was my mother who had a stroke. she was on intensive care and for me it didn’t look to good. that was the reason why I visited her in Haarlem. I thought I was saying fare well when I left the hospital, and now?

well she got off the intensive care and is now recovering. we still don’t know how much she will recover (left side paralized, speaking) but we keep our fingers crossed.

concerning the Loo, well the paper was hanging correctly…