Finally back on the road! It was a long and quiet summer but now it starts again 🙂 This week in Hannover for a couple of trainings and meetings and as usual back in my favorite hotel in Hannover. Always nice….almost family….

And as always, the paper was hanging propely 🙂


It was like every year a long summer which means less travelling and no big business but the is like every year a light at the end of the tunnel!

This week just one meeting but from next week onwards it will be a lot of travelling again.

I have been here before, nothing special but the paper hangs correct. A good start after the summer!



August 6, 2011

What a way to start your vacation….

Next week part 2 and then….

we had a brewery visit at the Krombacher Brewery and stayed in the Hotel zum Anker. the visit itself was very commercial and unfortunately not a lot about history, more like a brainwash session. Nevertheless we had fun a had a good night sleep after all the beer 🙂


a pity the paper was hanging wrong 😦