Vacation this summer at home and then you start doing silly things. We have a little zoo with 2 cats, one giant rabbit weighing 7KG, around 60 walking stick insects and last but not least 2 Achatina Snails which are the biggest in the world. ours have a shell of round about 10 cm and when they walk measure 16 cm.

These snails lay eggs when the temperature is between 20 and 25 degress celcius and this is what happened to us….so now we have 66 baby snails.

coming back to what I wrote in the beginning, I thought it would be a nice idea of taking pictures of baby riding Mama/Papa 🙂

here the results.


gosh, it’s getting a second home 🙂 this time together with 2 colleauges doing some testing for the ISO certification 12647-7. whatever 🙂

the paper still hangs proper in the way it should be.

Regensburg 66-7

July 11, 2008

All the way to the south east of Germany I had to go to Regensburg. Nice hotel and very cheap 69€ including breakfast 🙂

nothing more to say, the paper hangs correct 🙂

we running into summer time so it will be a little bit quiet the upcoming weeks. Today I had an socializing event in Hamburg. Nice place called Fleet 3 which could be reached by boat. The hotel is called Hafen Hotel Hamburg which is opposite of the Landungsbrücken (near the Reeperbahn 🙂 )

Hotel is OK, LAN for free which Dutch people loooooooooooove.

Event was nice, food OK, Music OK, talks OK, the only negative was the fact that when we returned it started raining and my suit is now completely soaked…whatever, not only in hotel the paper was hanging right but also at the event place they knew how to hang the rolls 🙂

and here the proofs

and from Fleet 3