Langenhagen 98-10

January 24, 2009

just realized that I forgotten to post this one..

back in Langenhagen near Hannover in the Holiday Inn and the paper still hangs right 🙂

worrying that evrybody still knows be by name which means that it will be another interesting year 🙂

Alex, just for you the proof…



Ibis Waterloo 97-10

January 14, 2009

well, we start all over again in Waterloo at the Ibis hotel or as we call it, Plastic Fantastic 🙂

as always the paper was hanging correct so a great start of the new and certainly exciting year 2009!

and for Alex again the proof and for my brother a new picture as he once caught me re-using an old picture…


Herrenchiemsee 96-10

January 5, 2009

Happy New Year to all of you! After the skiing vacation we did a stop over at Herrenchiemsee and stayed in Prien am Chiemsee in a nice clean hotel called Neuer Wirt. WiFi was FOC the paper hung correctly so everything was perfect….not really as we all had the flu which we got from somebody in the hotel in Austria. 😦 Nevertheless we went over by boat to visit the castle at Herrenchiemsee which is pretty impressive. I’m glad we didn’t visit this in the summer as it must be loaded with tourist in the summer.

well, here the proof for another successful Loo year 🙂