little update as I had a lovely view from my hotel room


always nice to go from a crap hotel to a very nice hotel. Bad Wörishofen is a Spa town with tons of hotels. Me idot of course forgotten his swimming stuff…bugger.

Well I’m here for 2 days at a dealer event coming here straight from La Hulpe (Brussels) from our team meeting. This was painful. Last night I went to bed at 00:30 after 235 Gallons of beer and at 13:00 I drove down to Bad Wörishofen which is a 750KM drive….how dumb can I be? why didn’t I take a plane to Munich and then a rental car? Maybe because I would then fly back to Brussels and then drive on a friday back to Frankfort…guess so but now I will drive back home (400KM) on a friday afternoon when everybody drives. I guess I’m screwed. 😦

whatever, paper hangs perfectly and now I got a couple of hours of sleep to be fit for tomorrow.

IBIS bugger….178-16

February 24, 2010

well back in Waterloo at the ibis as we had our team meeting which was pretty tiring….maybe because of the bar every night 🙂

sometimes it goes wrong and that happened this time… 😦

what a disgrace, look how shitty it looks!

Got this this morning from my Israeli colleagues which was taken at the men’s loo which is quite shocking!

are Israeli men using tampons? Do they also have their period every month? Ooh my god, this is scary.

at least the paper hangs correct again. 🙂

little side joke for the men. What happens if earth would be turning 30 times faster?

Men would get salary every day and women would be bleeding to death 🙂

From Belgium I drove 600KM to Hannover for the next meetings. Driving was fine as the roads were free. Not like my drive from home to Belgium were I had 2 highway blocked, 3 trucks crashed and numerous cars on the side of the road. Why are all these people driving fast when they have summer tyres?

Now in Langenhagen and like always the paper is hanging right 🙂 Funny enough they now gave me a room on the right side of the corridor which I never had before. I guess I will walk in the wrong direction when I step out of my room…

So was I lucky? Well the roll in use is hanging right while the next one is hanging correct, so 1 point for me 🙂

IBIS Waterloo 176-15

February 16, 2010

God knows how often I have been here to Plastic Fantastic…

Had some meetings at our HQ and of course stayed again at the IBIS where of course the paper was hanging correctly again. 🙂

héh, who that’s ugly guy taking the pictrue? 🙂

Mr. Karas makes his daily check on missing holes and inverted shirts but it seems that they finally understood how to use a belt and also how to put a shirt on.

But then again I get this picture and start thinking; “will they ever learn?”

I think this is the worst picture ever taken of the Grand Canyon!!

Hotel Mooirevier 175-15

February 10, 2010

A full week in Hardenberg for an exhibition which is in the far east of the Netherlands.

Great show but again with a lot of snow which is not funny to drive. Not for me as I have winter tires but because  of all Dutch driving around on summer tires which slows everything down. Hotel is nice although there is nothing around it except forest and fields (I guess this is the reason why Greenpeace choose this hotel for their meetings) Maybe I should have a chat with them explaining me something about global warming when we are drowned in snow 🙂

For the rest, paper is hanging right, WiFi is costing money in the room but FOC in the lobby so I’m a happy chap 🙂

This becomes a neverending story and you start believing that there are no women in Israel telling their husbands that the dress up like crap. Or maybe the ladies gave up on the men. This time Mr. Karas did his daily routine check on the belt but all of sudden realized that one of the R&D managers put his shirt on inverted….

Senec-Slovakia 174-15

February 4, 2010

From Linz Austria we drove to Senec in Slowakia which is 20KM east of Bratislava. The hotel made a massive hickup as they changed our 3 single rooms to one room and only one Italian bastard colleague managed to get it back to a single room This mend that I had to share the room with my German colleague who snores like hell….

Anyhow I always find funny things and here I found something that made me laugh. While the whole world talks about “Adult Films” at the pay TV here in Slovakia they are more to the point..

well the paper was hanging right and now looking forward to the weekend as it was a tiring week.