bloody diplomatic Swedes don’t want to get into issues with Frau von Panzer and therefore put the paper upright….can’t believe that they are that scared of her 🙂

Anyhow, had an interesting trip to here as when the plane was ready for taxing to the runway all of us heard this typical noise of a cat who is scared…

I couldn’t believe it but actually somebody took his/her cat with him on a trip from FRA to ARL. 🙂 

and here the pic proving the swedes are too scared of Frau von Panzer. 🙂


this week for a 2 day event in Nuremberg. Problem was that all hotels were very expensive due to an exhibition taking place at the same time. Therefore we are in a hotel far out in the country side. When I traveeled to this place I had a couple of issues. First off, in the morning I went to my dentist as one of my fillings broke out and the dentist had to close this “Grand Canyon”. As he gave me a big anesthesia I drove pretty dull down to Neuhof with fluids dripping from my mouth as I had no control for 2 hours on my jaw. So driving down being on the phone I missed the exit and had to turn around. At the same time I had to pee and the pressure raised every second. Therefore I was looking for a small countryside path where I could stop…of course I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the signage and seconds I got flashed… I’m now hoping that it wasn’t above 25KM/H as otherwise I will loose my driver license for a month. 😦

After the peeing I arrived at this hotel which is actually a nice place with an excellent kitchen.

and of course also here they now how to hang the paper. 🙂

Hallbergmoos Neuwirt 161-15

November 18, 2009

From my trip to Rödental I continued further down south to Hallbergmoos near Munich. as usual I stayed in the Neuwirt and as always the paper was hanging correctly. the only negative for me was the fact that they changed the menu and my favourite steak was changed to something with baked boursin cheese on top of it so I had something different which was also very good but still…I wanted my favourite steak 😦

Tomorrow back home and then next week again heading south to Nuremberg. A new hotel so looking forward how the paper hangs there 🙂

Had a training/workshop with a new partner in Rödental near Kulmbach which is in the south-east of Germany. Training went very well and they arrangened in the evening a brewery visit which also had a hotel which again made it easy to go to bed afterwards….which we all needed. 🙂

paper hanging right like the taste of the different beer sorts was perfect 🙂

Waterloo IBIS 159-15

November 14, 2009

It was pretty silent as I wasn’t travelling but this week I travelled again to Waterloo, Belgium and as usual stayed in the IBIS.

I travelled on Wednesday to Waterloo and funny enough I arrived in the same second colleague! so we both checked in and my colleague asked for a new big room and got it. I never ask for anything but expect a clean room. They gave me also a new big room and as this was the first time I went in there with a big smile but then….the bed cover didn’t look proper and after going in the bathroom to check the paper (it hung right 🙂 ) I knew it. This room wasn’t cleaned…reason? well it was a bank holiday and I guess there was nobody to clean. So I went back to the reception and got another room…of course this was again a default small room but heh, at least it was clean and the paper was hanging right although I had to dive underneath to get the prove.

After unpacked I went down to meet my colleague and told him my story to which he replied; “my room wasn’t cleaned also”. So I asked him if he also got another room to which he replied; ” No I stayed here as I was afraid to get a small room”

I couldn’t believe it, how can you stay in a dirty room just to have a big room !?!?!?!?!

whatever, here the proof for Ms. Panzer. 🙂

ibis nov09

got today the question if I stopped with the blog because it was silent.

I can ensure all paper lovers that this is not the case. 🙂

reason is simple, no travel-no toilets…

Tomorrow I will be in Belgium and then we can expect another point for the blog….a positive I suspect 🙂

stay tuned as there will be 3 more toilets this month.