Just for Mr. S

April 17, 2012

Mr. S is very into Fire Protection since he told me certain things, I started looking more and more to Fire Extinguisers. Here in Bahrain I noticed that these things are checked every 6 months which he really liked.

So, Mr. S from H (he doesn’t want to be named) This one is just for you πŸ™‚


K Hotel Manama-Bahrain

April 17, 2012

I’m already a couple of days in Bahrain but didn’t find the time to update the blog. thanks to Mr. Z who just reminded me I’m now doing it.

What can I say? didn’t expect to come back so it was a nice surprise. Inbound flight was a dream as I got upgraded to First Class πŸ™‚

a bed πŸ™‚

starter was Arabic Mezze, then the steak below and afterwards Cheese and crackers and to make the story complete, Coffee and a Cognac. all of this with WiFi, just marvelous

Coming out of the plane there was a small comittee pickingΒ  me up and helping me through Immigration which was basically walking through while they waited to get my passport stamped. Unbelievable πŸ™‚

The K Hotel is brandnew and really nice…

I did wonder about my new name…

nice big room

And a lovely nice bathroom with correct hanging paper πŸ™‚

coming back into the room and finding these πŸ™‚

and did I mention the FOC WiFi? πŸ™‚

On Track everything is still quiet

Thanks Christina :)

April 11, 2012

How lovely is this? I slightly complained about the wrong hanging paper and the all of sudden at the bar I got this little note from ChristineΒ with a small chocolate πŸ™‚

just lovely!!!

After the Holiday Inn in Rome now back in Hannover at my most beloved Holiday Inn.

Like always a greeting with a smile and nice chat about the Easter Weekend. Off course she (let’s call her Mrs. L.Β  πŸ™‚ ) immediately said, that she hopes the paper hangs correct…

She gave me room 202 which is on the left side of the hotel and I always stay on the right side. So when I came out of the elevator I walked in the wrong direction…

The room is lovely and king size

They still take care of my vitamines…..No worries, I will eat them

I admit, I turned the napkin as it was upside down. Little items but it should face me and not the airport πŸ™‚

Then came the shock!!! Wrong hanging toilet paper!!! It’s the old story which I told multiple times, whenever they hang a new roll of paper they don’t look at the direction. can’t really blame them for that but still, it is a count for the wrong side 😦

no worries, now it hangs proper πŸ˜€

Since yesterday we are in Rome enjoying our yearly city visit. This year we decided to go to Rome and as I’m addicted to the Holiday Inn Group I took this hotel. Funny enough, a couple of days before a searched the Internet and found some very bad remarks about this hotel so I spoke to my colleague about this and he advised to search on another website for hotel reports. He was right as this website showed a totally different face on this hotel and they were right as until now I have nothing to complain about!

The paper is hanging correct which immideately give you a bonus πŸ™‚ Because of my status also the Internet is FOC which makes it even better πŸ™‚

Room is fine, breakfast is good so this morgning we started well prepared to dive into the city. I learned from the Web that the Metro is always fully overcrowded and I can confirm…it is…But heh, it only cost €1,- so don’t complain πŸ™‚

mmmhhh… I’m trying to upload pictures but the system won’t let me. well whatever, I’ll do it on facebook πŸ˜€