Another egg opened today and it got the name Torsten The Strong!

Now don’t ask why it is called Torsten as it might embarrass somebody 🙂

and here he is…not really true as it takes almost one year to know the gender. 🙂



July 10, 2011

Well at 22:00 they took us back to the airport and of course the security check tried to go with us through the same procedure but they realized pretty fast that nobody was really interested to give the same answers as a couple of hours earlier so this time it went pretty fast.

Came to the check in and asked the lady how LH will compensate for this crap. Well I got an upgrade into Business Class which was taking the pain a lttile bit away.

Long story short, landed at 04:45 and at 06:00 I was in our village buying fresh rolls for breakfast. At 07:00 I fell in bed and woke up at 15:00 feeling completely destroyed….

at least the sunrise was nice 🙂

I shouldn’t have made the comment in my last post. I shouldn’t have asked my colleagues what event I will have this time as with every stay, something happens….I shouldn’t……

So, because of the protesters I decided to go at 12:00 to the airport while the flight is at 16:45, went through the security check which is at the bottom floor for LH flights. As we all know this takes ages and when I was through I needed to go upstairs to get to the departure floor.

All of sudden I hear people screaming “Free Free Palestine!!!” and within a split second there where hundreds of people/TV/Police gathering. They went out and all of the arrival protesters got arrested.

Now, at the check-in the lady told me that there is a massive delay of my flight as the plane has a mechanical issue and is still in FRA. She expected the plane to arrive at 19:00 which means that you will fly out an hour later.

OK, Force Majeur, can’t change it and I already saw myself arriving at 24:00 at home. Thank god I can use the lounge so I went there, started working on the email and had some Eggplant & Humus with bread and a beer.

Called my wife and she had heard the real reason why the plane was still in FRA which was that there were protesters on that plane who were not allowed to enter TLV by the Israeli government. This resulted in the fact that the people refused to leave the plane because they have a valid ticket and therefore I was stuck in TLV.

I start checking myself and saw that the plane arrival was set in FRA at 04:45 tomorrow so I went to the lounge reception. she confirmed what I had found out so I was prepared for a very long stay in the lounge….

All of sudden there is an annoucement that we have to go to the gate which worried me and 2 Austrians congratulated me that I will fly out to which I responded that I believe we will end up at a hotel. Went to the gate and yes, they want to bring us to the hotel…….but, they will bring us back from the hotel at 22:00!!! what sense does that make? going to a hotel and 4 hours later return to the airport!!

Whatever, i asked them which hotel we were going and when she answered I bursted out laughing and she almost panicked because of that laughing outburst. We were going to “my” hotel the Carlton.

Took a while to get into the bus as some people refused to leave the airport because they had Duty Free stuff with them but at the end we left and at 6 we arrived at “my” hotel. Because I got in last and left the bus first I was also Nr. 3 at the reception (2 unpolite Israeli’s just passed me in front of the reception) I greeted the guy with the words, “I’m back!” He looked at me and laughed and said “welcome back!” I asked him if I could get my old room back and guess what?

I got the same room again, room 1103! 🙂

Went up, connected my laptop and thought; “is my internet voucher still valid?”

guess what? It was!!

best of this thing? paper is again hanging proper 🙂

looking forward to see how the Luftwaffe will compensate!

Flying back home…

July 8, 2011

It was a long and exhausting week but it was great seeing friends again and sharing some great food with them.

next to the hotel is Gordon’s Pool which is something I never saw before. As the hotel is next to the sea they build a pool which contains sea water. In the evening they let all the water out and clean the pool. In the morning fresh filtered sea water is coming in again.

I liked the signs in this pool 🙂

last but not least, some pics from the surrounding of the hotel

last pic of my hotel

Now reading the news that Gaza protesters are trying to enter Israel via Ben Gurion Airport….I’ll see later if this effects my outbound flight….

After my first 1/2 KG of Humous I had to go to the loo for a big eruption but what did I find??

wrong hanging paper!!!!!

I’m a week in Israel and the trip started very well as I flew out on a Saturday evening. This means no queues, quick check-in and quick security check which you appreciate when you know that for TLV you get a double check.

So I went to the check-in desk and there are 1 guy and 2 ladies waiting for a customer. How can I describe the ladies? I would say, the beauty and the beast. So guess which one I took? Right, the beauty. Before I could start she said to me; “you smell very well!” I said thanks and told her which perfume I take and she told me how dreadful her job sometimes is with smelly people checking in. This should make me think but it didn’t.

From the check-in at Terminal A you have to walk all the way over to C where they have all the dodgy flights with add security checks. Going through passport control I jumped into duty free and bought some stuff. I continued to the security check and put all my stuff on the scanner, walked through and expected my laptop case to be taken out as I have too much electronic/batteries in there. Guess what? They took my Duty Free bag out! I started laughing but he was very serious and asked me what I have. I said nothing forbidden and while I was still laughing that they took out a sealed plastic bag he said to me with a very serious face “sir, you can’t take this with you” I was shocked and blurred out “why??” he responded that this was because I had bought it before the security and not behind the security. I wanted to start shouting, my blood pressure went sky high and then I noticed he started to smile….the bastard had fooled me….

I went into the lounge which is a very wide lounge with a nice view on the airfield and while I was sitting there they parked an A380 directly in front of me and started to prepare it.

Impressive to see but then something happened which I didn’t expect. The power connectors are located so high that they need a little wagon to step on so they can connect it! Very embarrassing that nobody thought about making a little platform for the big piece of machinery.

Shortly before boarding I went to the second security check and 5 minutes later we boarded. I noticed there were not so many people which made me hope for a free seat next to me. I had pre-booked an emergency aisle seat which has a lot of space on an A340-600. I came to my seat but there was already somebody sitting on 26A which was a pity but then it came, the guy was stinking! I sat down and suddenly realized that I will not survive this flight if I stay on that seat. I went to the stewardesses and asked them if I can sit somewhere else as I don’t survive sitting next to this guy. They looked at me and said, “OK, so it isn’t you who smells” as they had already noticed the smell. I could sit somewhere else but for takeoff and landing I must sit there. 😦 I said, “OK but that will cost you an extra drink” to which she replied, “anything you want”

So after takeoff I changed from 26C to 44D which was going from bad to worse as in that row there was an elder couple sitting and the women looked very angry at me as if this was her row! Now this lady needed 2 places as she was around 200KG and her poor husband who was pushed and harassed all the time about 60KG…. Anyhow, I got an excellent service from the LH girls and some big glasses of whiskey 🙂

I arrived at 04:25 at the hotel and went to my room to unpack…..I couldn’t because the look of my suitcase didn’t accept my code!! I tried everything but nothing worked. As this is a zipper lock I actually took my pen and opened the zipper manually from both sides of lock so I could take my clothes out from both sides….

The next evening I sat on my bed trying every number from 001 until I reached 402 which was the right number. This wasn’t my number and I have no clue how it changed. Whatever, I opened it, searched the internet how to reset the number and repaired the zipper, so everything is fine again. 🙂

what a day…but, there is always a positive on a negative so the positive thing was that the paper hangs correct 🙂

Hornet vs Wasp

July 1, 2011

guess who wins……