Spreitenbach-CH 81-9

October 31, 2008

well this time in wonderful Zurich although the weather was dreathful ! Rain, Rain and more rain. 😦

anyhow, the hotel was called Arte which you recon with all the art hanging around. the paper was hanging correct and the plane took off swiss punctual 🙂

here the proof


well I’m running hard to get to the 100 positive hanging paper rolls 🙂

A small printing industry exhibition in Sinsheim Germany brought me to this cute hotel which interior was made for women…very romantic 🙂

I didn’t try the restaurant in there as this was pretty high priced but the WiFi was FOC which I always love!

here the proof for Alex who completely gave up 🙂

Phantasia Land, Brühl 79-9

October 15, 2008

Lovely, a weekend out with a bunch of children (4 young ladies of 10 years old…oooh my god, you are getting close to a nerv breakdown) 🙂 anyhow, we went to Phantasia Land near Brühl (west of Germany) which is a real nice amusement park with a lovely hotel build in Chinese style.

the paper hangs proper, the food was good, the children were happy and I was worn out 🙂

here some impressions and of course the paper proof.

well, this time in Nuremberg for a small event, nothing spectacular and also the hotel isn’t really a 4 star hotel. nevertheless, it’s clean and the paper hangs correct. 🙂

but there is one thing for all those Alexandra’s around the world who honestly believe that the paper should hang towards the wall and that is the following; do you honestly believe that the manufacturer of this paper doesn’t want users to read it’s name??

I doubt it but this is exactly what would happen if you would hang it towards the wall 🙂