well after the very nic Indigo holtel I’m now at the Ramada which is the complete opposite of the Indigo. Paper hanging nowhere, disabled bathroom but on the positive an excellent Indian Food restaurant. Gosh I love Indian food πŸ™‚

anyhow, travelling was again an experience as I’m a complete waste of space when it comes to travel via public transportation but I managed without an error! πŸ™‚

funny one I had at Euston Station as there was a candy store called Mr. Humbug which in German means, Nonsense or Bla Bla πŸ™‚

well as said, paper handling was crap so 1 points for both sides


Unfortuneately I had to travel on a sunday to London as my first training is at 09:30 and I would have no chance to get there by travelling on a monday…

As usual, flight was delayed and arriving (and leaving) from LHR is always a bloody nightmare…whatever, I made it and took the Heathrow Express which is great to Paddington and choose a hotel 200 meters from paddington station called Indigo Hotel which belongs to the Interconti Group where I hold the Gold Member Card which means that Pay TV and Internet is FOC and I get a 25% discount on everything I take within the restaurant πŸ™‚

As usual rooms are tiny but i must say this room is nice, clean and of course the paper is hanging correct πŸ™‚

is this a double point? πŸ™‚

a friend sent this one as he was on a trip to the most luxurious hotel on the planet where the toilet paper is made of pure gold πŸ™‚

3 days in Athens for our yearly Kick-Off meeting and again an impressive event despite the fact that the weather wasn’t too good and despite the fact that the Greeks decided to go on strike….again…

flight back was delayed as there was a storm coming down which meant that people with connecting flights where doomed. I thought I wasn’t until I got on the Highway just to face a 10KM traffic jam 😦 So at the end I came home 2,5 hours later as expected..The story of my life…

the best shot I could get as we didn’t go to the Acropolis. But we had a team building event which brought us to the centre of town which also gave me some nice pics

the last day we had a dinner in a real nice place which was the private collection from Mr. Vorres. Just stunning! http://www.sitemaker.gr/vorres/page_GREEK_3.htm

last but not least, the paper proof of our hotel πŸ™‚

House Madeleine, Italy 244-22

February 25, 2011

My brother is on a skiing vacation and sent me this picture of correct hanging loo paper. no further details

Long time no see but always a pleasure coming to this hotel as you feel really welcome. Like always you enter the hotel for 4 meters and get welcomed by your name which gives you a good feeling…but it also shows you that you are too much away from home.

Anyhow, here for 3 nights and the paper as in 90% of the cases is hanging correct.

The weekend was nice as we had a lovely brunch in a restaurant with view on the zoo.

it was a pity that it was very foggy as it became difficult to take pictures of the animals..

and if we hadn’t enough food during brunch I decided to make the famous beer chicken in the evening πŸ™‚ It’s basically half a bottle/can of beer on which you stick a chicken which has been marinated. Leave it in the oven at 150/160 degrees for an hour/per KG and you will be amazed how tender the meat is πŸ™‚


what can I say, the hotel had a central heating system which you couldn’t change…a bloody nightmare for me but heh, you can open the window! Unfortunately the windows were opening to the inside of the hotel where it had the same temperature. 😦

If that wasn’t enough we also got a snowstorm in Sweden! You would expect the swedes to know how to handle snow but together with wind it made everything collapse. Trains/busses/cars and planes, nothing moved!

my colleague made it out just in time before his airport closed but I had to leave the next day and of course I had a 2 hour delay….the last thing you need on a friday afternoon. Well we arrived at 20:00 hours which mend that I arrived home at 21:30 😦

it’s always funny that friends/people are jealous about my job and think I have so much fun travelling around. Well the brutal reality is that you only see airports, hotels, exhibitions and some restaurants and for the rest it’s waiting and waiting at airports…

Monday by car to hannover to my favourite Holiday Inn πŸ™‚

up north in Stockholm in the Scandic Hotel andΒ  what I always love in the Nordics is the fact that you don’t have to ask how the Internet works as you immideately get anΒ voucher FOC πŸ™‚

Next to the hotel is a Mall where I bought some snus and they asked for my ID Number….mmmhhh I’m from abroad….all of sudden it wasn’t important anymore πŸ™‚

anwhatever, paper haning correct πŸ™‚

and for my colleague who is sitting in the office and wants to travel a pic from the LHΒ  Lounge πŸ™‚

today my new Kodak Camera arrived and I’m a happy chap again πŸ™‚

Thx Mr. K for sending me a loo made of hardened steel πŸ™‚