Vienna 35-7

November 15, 2007

well, the Novotel Wien West is the last hotel in Vienna you can reach as it lays outside Vienna next to the highway. Not the nicest place to be as you will only find a gas station next to it.

whatever, the paper was hanging correctly so it was worth going 🙂



Berlin 34-7

November 7, 2007

Hotels, hotels, hotels….can’t see them anymore….

This time in Berlin_Steglitz in a hotel called Steglitz International (belongs to Best Western)

Paper was hanging to right way as everybody except Alex would expect 🙂

But there was funny thing which I hadn’t seen before. We all know the mini-bar but this place had a Cosmetic-Bar! hilarious 🙂 🙂


Ooh, just for the sake of it, here the Loopaper