Went to Ex Eastern Germany to the beautiful city of Erfurt and was staying in the SAS Radisson hotel and as in every good hotel they also roll the paper from the wall.

Which makes it 16-4, sorry Alex. 🙂

back again!

May 22, 2007


well we had a lovely 4 day weekend in the Alsace with too much Foie Gras, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir, Tokay, etc, etc

Nevertheless I found another loo at my customer in Langenhagen.

off course the right way. 🙂


May 12, 2007

It was very quiet the last week(s) but therefore it is now very busy. Why? well our cat gave birth to 9 !!! kittens 😦

Normally cats at their first delivery give birth to 4-6 kittens but we only have extreme animals like our rabbit who weighs 7.5KG 🙂

All are still alive but mama has to be fed by us as she doesn’t have the strenght to get out of the box anymore…






Munich 14-4

May 12, 2007


Lovely event in Munich and off course also in the Europa Hotel in Munich they know that there is only one way to hang the paper…