Ludwigsburg 57-7

April 29, 2008

well keep on going, from darmstadt I went to Ludwigsburg as I have a meeting tomorrow in Stuttgart. This Hotel called Nestor also has the paper hanging correctly…of course 🙂

Next couple of days will be vacation in the Netherlands, let’s hope the Dutch weather will be nice and dry…

and for Alex which birthday it is today, the PROOF 🙂

happy birthday my dear!



Darmstadt 56-7

April 29, 2008

on the road again and this time in Darmstadt at the Best Western Parkhaushotel. pretty silly name “Parkinglot hotel” whatever hotel was a 1960 style hotel, clean and the paper was hanging correct. 🙂

finally home…

April 25, 2008

well, unbelievable but true, 4 days at home and then again next week on the road. Already chosen 2 hotels I have never been before, one in Darmstadt (near Franckfort) and one in Ludwigsburg (near Stuttgart) both in Germany. We’ll see if I get 2 more points. 🙂

I thought I post some more pics from South Africa until then…sorry, no Loo’s

if you are Dutch like me you keep on laughing about Afrikaans (basically old Dutch)

well guess what this guy is doing during lunch 🙂

how mean will she be in a couple of years?…… 🙂

melting gold……. hot and impressive

12 KG of GOLD!!! gosh, how nice to have…


YES!!, I had croc meat and it taste like fishy chicken, next to that I had Eland, Ostrich, Impala, Kudu, Beef, Pork and Chicken…no clue how much meat I had, but it was great 🙂

back in Europe and now in Nivelles which is near Brussles. I have been to this hotel before (Van der Valk) which is pretty basic but at least a nice bar.

Anyhow, paper still hangs correctly but it is verrrrry basic.

well from the Palazzo I went to my second client and therefore changed the hotel. Now I stayed in the Protea Gold Reef City Hotel. A complete different style to the posh Palazzo. This hotel is based in old victorian style houses in Gold Reef City so all the interior is also in this style. Gold Reef City was a gold mine city and nowadays a theme park. That was quite funny to actually stay in the theme park and use all the facilities for free. Only downside in this hotel was the fact that they didn’t have WiFi or LAN.

Here some expressions of the hotel and of course the Loo paper 🙂










I was in a restaurant in Jo-Burg called Moyo and here they serve African style food. the Loo door was pretty disastrious for all men when you look at the detail so I had to take a picture from it. The sink inside was pretty cool too.

soon more from South Africa….

Johannesburg Palazzo 54-7

April 15, 2008

well, as I’m realizing that more and more people starting to read this blog I should give you a quick update where I am now….mmmhh, why are people so interested in Loo paper? I better stop thinking about it. 🙂

So, this time in South Africa. I’m here for a whole week giving training to 2 different companies (who are actually competing against each other) The flight from Frankfort to Johannesburg takes 10,5 hours and it was dreadfull as I had a seat in the baby row (wall in fron of you) which ment that I couldn’t strech my legs…awefull. the flight was overbooked so 3 people were taken out (with money, hotel) but this ment that also their luggage had to be removed from the plane. So we started with 1 hour delay, Entering SA took another 2 hours so instead of being in the hotel at 0900 I was 1200 at the end, pretty painful.

But… the hotel (Palazzo, Monte Casino) is very nice, is connected to a casino and a city on his own.

The paper hangs correct, the only thing that disturbed me was the fact that I have a multiplug for all countries….ecept SA who have a very strange plug.

below some impressions of the hotel and of course the Loo proof 🙂

and here the proof 🙂

Bucharest 53-7

April 11, 2008

on the road again. For 3 days in Bucharest, what a city! traffic is a nightmare even worse as Athens which I thought is impossible!

But, on the other hand, very nice people, very nice food (did you ever try cow stomach soup?) and also the local schnaps is nice…although the next day you get a headache of this Romanian “water” 🙂

The hotel was a 4 star residence which was very good and even had FOC WiFi. Actually he first wanted to charge me €10,- per day but when he gave me the network key which was 10 x zero he must have realized that this is complete crap. so at the end there was nothing on my bill and I could log in every day with this key.

Of course also in good hotels in Romania they know how the hang the paper and therefore the count now goes to 53-7 🙂

and here the proof 

another funny one, don’t ask me what it is about but I liked it. 🙂