I’m in Langenhagen very often and 90% of my stays are at the Holiday Inn Airport. Every time the paper hangs correctly but what it is this??

The paper hangs wrong this time!! I can’t believe it…Probably a new member who wasn’t trained correctly 🙂

anyhow, 1 point for Frau von Panzer 🙂


Waterloo 70-7

August 20, 2008

long time since I went to Waterloo. Again the wonderful plastic fantastic Ibis hotel. they made some changes to the breakfast then now you can boil your eggs your self and don’t get the hardboiled stonehard and ice cold eggs anymore. next to that you can get scrambled eggs but they taste like patatoes. I presume it’s made from egg powder as it tastes disgraceful…

well conerning the paper, as they can’t hang it wrongly here it is like always in the Ibis, the paper hangs correct.

Gerlingen 69-7

August 13, 2008

back on the road again and this time in a nice city called Gerlingen (near Stuttgart). Hotel is a quiet and nice hotel in the middle of the town called Hotel Krone.

They know how to hang the paper correctly so everything is fine 🙂

Let me all advise you to be very cautious if your wife tells you to bring an aquarium down to the basement….

Unfortunately she had left a plastic bag with carrots in the middle of the stairs (coincidence?) which of course resulted in me falling down the stairs desperately trying to save the aquarium from breaking….

that was very kind of me but my legs didn’t really appriciate what i did as you can clearly see below 😦

the lower picture looks less worse as the upper one but it’s actually more painful and my wife is still convinced that that one is broken…but as usual I don’t go to the doctor 🙂

Maritim Langenhagen 68-7

August 2, 2008

yeah, vacation is over and I’m back on the road. This time a 3 day launch event in Langehagen but this time I didn’t stay at the Holiday Inn but opposite in the Maritim hotel and of course they also know how the paper has to hang 🙂