Lovely when you’re on “vacation” you finally find the time to clean up your PC and then all of sudden you’ll find another Loo. This one was in Immenstadt (Allgäu) in a typical bavarian style hotel with tons of wood.

and that makes it 24-4…. 🙂



July 17, 2007


It’s quiet around the loos. I’m on “vacation” for 2 weeks, well 1 week at home taking care of the remaining 4 kittens and the rest of our private zoo. Then I will go for one week to Holland and hope to get some sunshine.

Nevertheless, I found a loo which I had forgotten to upload and as we don’t want to miss one here one from Bielefeld.

The Mövenpick makes the score 23-4 🙂

Am I the only one taking pictures?