Erfurt 45-7

January 30, 2008

This seems to be an excellent year for correct hanging toilet paper or am I just lucky and Alex is already saving tons of pictures with wrong hanging paper to beat me back?

……I doubt it and one day she has to realize that there is only ONE correct way of hanging toilet paper…..maybe one day she will even change it at her home without telling anybody…..and then she hopes that her boyfriend will not realize the difference 🙂

this time in Erfurt in the Hotel Mercure. good place, decent payable WLAN and off course the paper hanging correct.

…I’m getting though scared about the amount of hotels I’m having already in january….



Mülheim a. d. Ruhr 44-7

January 29, 2008

now where the hack is that?? well it is next to Düsseldorf and the hotel has a funny name as it’s called Lederfabrik (leather factory)

Hotel was OK but lousy FOC WLAN, therefore an excellent Itallian restaurant……yes the Grappa was also good 🙂

and off course the paper hangs correct 🙂


Berlin 43-7

January 24, 2008

here we go again….

another day another hotel. this time in Hamburg, a Best Western Hotel and off course the paper is hanging correct.

Alex, I honestly think it is about time for you to move your BUTT or the score will be pretty soon 100-10 🙂

funny to see that in “East” Germany I got perfect and extreme fast Internet connections and again in the “West” lousy hotel connections….

and for the sake of the proof, here the pic 🙂


Leipzig 42-7

January 23, 2008

So, this time from Leipzig. Lovely hotel with approx. 90 square meters with kitchen, living room and a seperate bed room.

Ant the price for this 4 star hotel?………€53,55 !!!!!!

I love the east 🙂

last but not least, paper hangs the correct way.

p.s. I almost cheated and posted the hotel from monday but as that hotel is already in the list I didn’t reuse it but it remains funny that although you know that they hang the paper the correct way, you keep on rechecking 🙂


Bielefeld 41-7

January 20, 2008

I’m getting this “Groundhog day” feeling again…remember that film from 1993 with Bill Murray?

another day another hotel…

this time a nice place in Bielefeld called Hotel Wintermühle which I booked via (I book all my hotels via that site as they are extremly reliable) Anyhow booked it because of nice pictures and WLAN for free (is a little obsession from me 🙂  )

Well I drove up to the place and I got this feeling…”F…, where the hell am I now!)

But after entering the door which a very friendly lady opened and the room I got with a 2,20 meter bed and off course a fast WLAN FOC, I was the happiest person on earth.

let’s see what the hotels are in Leipzig and Berlin for next week.

Oh, almost forgotten, yes the paper is hanging correctly 🙂


Hilden 40-7

January 18, 2008

Very nice hotel in Hilden (near Düsseldorf) cheap WLAN which is not as good as foc but still. It cost €3,- per hour but for some misterious reason it continued working after an hour or I should say, it kept working on the email side but not on the Internet.

anyhow, another place where the paper hangs correctly 🙂


Hamburg 40-7

January 17, 2008

after the crap from last week and the fact that the hotel was to far away from the airport I took this time a hotel called Wiki Heikotel which was better as the last one Not super but friendly people and WLAN foc which I always love.

Plus the fact that they also know how paper should hang


Hamburg 39-7

January 11, 2008

Well the new started just as the old one finished….with an airport and a hotel.

in this case a shitty one called Nordic Hotel Domicil with WLAN that didn’t work.

at least the toilet paper was hanging the correct way.