Having a couple of days with the boys in Traben-Trarbach, lot of fun and the paper in the hotel is hanging proper.


Like every time, I build my little Island in this hostile German envirnoment 😀

Been here before and again we had a jolly good time at the lake with tons of meat…and beer 🙂 It was the day where Germany played Israel in a friendly footbal game so I decided it was time to put the Israeli flag to my car which was well positioned next to the road. My colleague got some questions the next day 😀

Like I said, we had tons of meat (1,6KG of beef, 10 pork chops, 12 Krakauer Sausage and 8 pork sausages) but were only 4 men….we killed it all…

This isn’t a dog but a hairy sausage trying to rape a plastic squeezing pig…Mieze is the name and she goes absolutely ballistic on these noise making toys 😀

The weather was strange, first it was nice and warm and then all of sudden the rain came…but at that stage we didn’t really care anymore. 😀

Last but not least, yes the paper was hanging properly 😀