Yesterday I drove from Nuremberg to Schiphol-Rijk which is roughly 700 KM. So you arrive pretty nagged but then you get a room upgrade to a “business room” which is actually very nice. Of course the paper hangs correct but you also find a Nespresso machine on your room. 🙂





Wow!!! Guhl

April 23, 2009

This never happened to me before! I’m travelling a lot and I do this for the last 19 years. A thing which pretty often happens (and I presume a lot a frequent travellers) is that I forget my shampoo. Pretty annoying but it happens.

As below reported I was 2 days in the Neuwirt in Hallbergmoos which I use pretty often. The last time I forgot my shampoo and this time I came to the hotel and on my desk I found my bottle with a little note attached to it!

I couldn’t believe it that the room ladies actually kept it for me. 🙂


Hallbergmoos 115-10

April 20, 2009

back again at the Neuwirt and like allways the paper is hanging right but what scares me is the fact that like in the Holiday Inn in Hanover they also know me by name…this clearly shows me that I’m too often here…


Erfurt IBB Hotel 114-10

April 19, 2009

After Weimar we drove to Erfurt which is 30KM to the west for the second stage of our cultural days. I was a little bit disappointed of the hotel as it gave me the impression from the web that this is also an old hotel but in reality only the walls were old as the inside was completely new. At least the paper was hanging right 🙂

here we visited the old town centre with beautiful houses, the Dom and next to that the Severi Church and the Petersberg Citadelle.

After a lovely dinner and a good sleep….well I woke the ladies as I was watching F1 qualifying the next morning 🙂 we drove back home.

here some impressions and the proof for Alex 🙂



The Krämer bridge were houses are on top of it.


Entry of the Petersberg Citadelle


View from the Petersberg Citadelle towards the old city with in fron the Dom and Severi Church.

I took 2 days off and together with my wife and daughter wehad some cultural days in Thüringen. We started in Weimar the city of Goethe and Schiller but also the dark side of history as here you find the Buchenwald Concentration Camp…

I made a hotel reservation in one of the best hotels in town called Russischer Hof which has a long history. Initially I wanted to go to the Elephant Hotel which is even more known but this one was already fully booked.

below some impressions from Weimar and the toilet proof.






Waterloo 112-10

April 10, 2009

how many nights did I have in “Plastic Fantastic” IBIS? I honestly don’t recall it anymore…

so, no news on this hotel only that the paper is hanging correct. 🙂


well travelling to Brugge-Belgium as my colleague invited me to his home town of which he is really proud….and he can, what a lovely city this is.

He dumped me in a nice hotel called Apollo Arthotel which have super rooms a fantastic breakfast and WiFi FOC 🙂

of course in this place the paper also hangs correct as you can see below.


in the evening he took me out to have some beers called “Brugse Zotte” which means something like Bruge crazy which was an excellent beer. 🙂

below some impressions of Brugge.




lovely hotel in the centre of Dortmund. great rooms, cheap WiFi, food OK what else do you want?


yes a lovely bed 🙂


Hallbergmoos 109-10

April 6, 2009

been here, saw it and succeeded…

like before everything was fine, room OK, restaurant perfect, Wifi FOC and the paper was hanging right 🙂

sorry Alex 🙂