Fatal SW error….

January 31, 2010

we thought we found the final solution with new RN and Patch Woman 3.9 but now we are in big trouble as you can see below

I first thought we give him the book Sewing for Dummies but Mr. Karas is right when he says that V. Pants-Off can’t put a belt through the holes how the hack can he put a thread through a needle hole.

I therefore suggest we get him Woman V4….either as Patch or a real version


Lucky again….

January 31, 2010

Sunday morning I always get some fresh rolls from the bakery but as it is still snowing it’s rather a task. Going down hill is not an issue but going up can be tricky. I have winter tyres but still it is difficult as under the snow there is ice.

So this morning I drove to the bakery and in front of me was a guy also driving  to the bakery who lives at the beginning of our street. We both got our rolls and he drove back home while I went to the gas station and that was my luck. The guy didn’t drive back but wanted to go all the way up to let his dog out in the forest. He should have walked it up but I guess he was too lazy.

The result so see below as he made it half way up and then he slide all the way back into a fence. Now imagine I wouldn’t have driven to the gas station but also directly to my place….he would have slid into me.

5 seconds….

January 31, 2010

Still snowing here in Germany and in between the snow showers I decided to clean it a little bit. My neighbour was talking to me and actually saved me from getting drowned be a small avalanche which came down just 5 seconds before I wanted to clean that area from the snow….lucky me

…..who think that flying/travelling is actually fun.

Had a tough week whereby I flew from FRA to HAJ with 1 hour delay. The next day back a had again one hour delay arriving at 22:15 at home. The next morning I drove to Stuttgart and back arriving at 21:00. Wednesday morning I again left home at 06:00 and after a flight with one hour delay I arrived at LHR. 2 days of meetings and friday afternoon I should fly back at 17:00 GMT. Actually it was 18:00 GMT when we flew out and again during the flight the captain had to slow down so we arrived at 20:30 CET. Instead of getting a gate at Terminal B he got A24 at Terminal A which belongs to the Schengen Treaty. This ment that we got out of the gate and back into a bus who drove us to Terminal B. At the immigration I choose the correct lane for EU passengers but unfortuneately 2 Mexicans took the wrong one and this again took me 5 minutes to get through. Finally through the route was all of sudden blocked because of unattended luggage so we had to do a big turn to get to our luggage. Got into the car finding out that there is a 13KM traffic jam on the highway. So my GPS surfed me around this but the roads where bloody icy. Long story short, I arrived at 22:30 CET at home and immideately went to bed….great start of the weekend isn’t it? Monday flying to VIE for a trip to Linz and Bratislava, we’ll see…

so the next time you guys are telling me or another frequent traveller you are jalous, think twice as you might be sitting home on a friday afternoon drinking your first beer while we are still in the air.

well went to london and my colleague suggested to go to this hotel as it lays good between our customers….

long story short, it was a crap hotel, bed was rolling in the room which gave you the feeling of being on a boat. WiFi was only available in the lobby for 10 GBP and the rooms had thin walls so you could hear everything going on…

at least the paper was hanging correct 🙂

I think that Release Notes V1 and Woman Patch 3.9 helped Mr. V. Pants-Off in changing his dressing. We not fully there as there is still a little bug but at least we reduced the bugs by 50%

This photo was again taken by our internal secret dressing up agent Mr. Karas

I hope that with RN V2 we can bring him to 100% bug free…. 🙂

we’ll keep you updated.

SW Developers V2.1

January 26, 2010

I thought that after my last post on developers something would change but had to realize that developers are extremly stubborn.

I created some release notes so he would recognize that he should change something on his dress code but this didn’t bring the expected result as you can see from the picture my colleagues mad today

as Mr. V. Pants-Off (sorry had to change the name for obvious reasons) is extremly stubborn and I looked into the details and realized the following

1. I’m very glad to see that he has a second pullover and not just one pair of jeans which is already smelly enough. (guys, you still have the gas masks from the Iraq war?)

2. why is he wearing a pullover with +20 degrees while I’m wearing a T-shirt with -12 degrees (wuzzy vs. hardcore?)

3. we have to create some better release notes for him as he didn’t understand the current release notes explaining how to dress properly (can he actually read of should we produce pictures/paintings?)

4. maybe Patch Woman V3.9 solves the issue. (does he listen to women?)

5. Mr. V P-O, don’t start playing golf as you would never make a hole in one with your dressing techniques.  🙂

and the show continues, finally back in Hannover and again staying in the Holiday Inn Airport hotel where of course the paper was hanging correctly. the % of wrong hanging paper goes more and more down the drain and Alex is extreme silent the last couple of months 🙂

for the rest? well I had an intersting flight which was delayed by an hour because of all the snow but sat next to 2 German police officers coming back from Afghanistan where they trained Afghans for 4 months to become police officers. Interesting to hear that they were there for 4 months working 6 days a week and when they come back they get 1 day off and then have to start working again….

SW Developers…..

January 22, 2010

Software developers are great people. they can develop great software, create very fast patches for field problems, eat enormous amount of Pizza, Humous, Falafel, meat balls, etc. Drink tons of Coca Cola light….because they are on a diet.,,,

But there is one thing they are unable to and that is putting clothes on properly as we can see below from a classic example. 🙂

maybe we should ask him to develop an automatic belt inserter system or…………… get a wife who explains him this difficult task 🙂

We are at our Kick-off meeting in Malta and the temperature is better as in Northern Europe but still pretty low with 15 degrees.

The hotel is a huge resort with very big rooms where of course they know how to hang the paper.

only negative is the fact that I’m still struggling with my bloddy cold I catched in Sweden…