Waterloo 88-10

November 30, 2008

well from Langenhagen I drove to Waterloo which was a 5 hour drive. fell in bed, saw the bad news from Mumbay… what a mess in the world.

next evening and friday our Mngt meeting and then from Waterloo on a friday afternoon back home. so I was home at 20:30.

the next morning I drove back to Amsterdam,Netherlands for a privat party and a visit to my mother in the hospital and the today back home….and then I realized that I had driven 2500KM this week. 😦

let’s see what this week brings…Oooh yeah a sales training in Kempten which is located all the way down to the south, which means another 800KM.

I guess Audi will wonder about the fact that I told them my car had 101000KM while now bringing it with 104500KM 🙂

and yes, the paper was haning correct again. 🙂



you know there is something wrong when you enter the hotel and they know you by name…

this happened this time to me as I entered the Holiday Inn at the Hannover Airport..

so I checked and and went to the bar to wait for my colleague and again I was greeted with a big hallo. I guess I’m too often in this place 🙂

we had a 2 day training and also host the people during the evening which was again too much beer. the worst thing was that because of the economic crisis and the struggle of getting flight approved I decided to drive by car from home to hannover and afterwards continue to Brussles…the rest follows in the next post.

and yes, the paper hung correct 🙂


weekend!! so we went to Grünstadt-Asselheim to our winemaker where we always buy our wine. Normally we just drive there and drive back home with the car full of wine. This time we stayed overnight so we could have a decent wine testing…. god knows how many bottles we drank but it was lovely 🙂

so the next morning with a dizzy head an excellent breakfast and the trunk full of wine we drove back. fully satisfied and ready for the next working week. for me that means getting up at 05:00 as I’m going again to Langenhagen to see if the paper still hangs correct. 🙂

of course it also hung correctly here in Asselheim. Hard to see but when you look closely you recognize that it hangs proper.


Hamburg Hotel Berlin 85-10

November 23, 2008

after Villingen I went all the way up to Hamburg to find myself in a hotel called Berlin…. no clue why people call their hotel Berlin while being in Hamburg…whatever.

The hotel had very tiny rooms but at least WiFi FOC which as you all know I love 🙂

next morning I had to drive all the way back home to Frankfurt and there was a weather warning as the snow was coming up. so when I left the hotel at 07:15 the streets were white and I was afraid I wouldn’t make it home in time. But I was lucky as after 60KM the snow turned into rain and as it was coming from the north I was safe. Listening to the radio was interesting as all kind of accidents happened behind me. I was really glad I got up early otherwise I wouldn’t have made it.

and for Alex, here the paper proof.


Villingen Hotel Garland

November 23, 2008

small back log as I was on the road the whole week…

Villingen is around 80 KM southern of Stuttgart and close to Switzerland. Here I had a dealer visit and stayed overnight in a small hotel outside the town in a very quiet area. lovely people, extremly friendly, nice food in their restaurant, WiFi FOC, what else do you want? well the PAPER! 🙂

yes it was hanging correctly 🙂



November 12, 2008

Well here we are again in the wonderful Holiday Inn in Langenhagen near Hannover. you know you are coming to often to the same hotel when the reception ladies welcome you with a big smile….

gave a training and in the evening I tried a lovely restaurant in Hannover called Himalaya (Indian food) which was great. when we left the restaurant I met funny enough an ex colleague who loves this restaurant…what a coincidence 🙂

today I had to visit a customer in Magdeburg and was welcomed in town by a lovely red flash…..bugger. what disturbed me was the fact that I saw them and thought I was save with my speed…I wasn’t but I believe that it wasn’t more then 2 km/h…2KM PER HOUR!!, what the heck are we talking about on a road where 80km/h is allowed? Bunch of crooks…

what else? the paper was hanging right so we are running hard for the 100 !

by the way, if you wonder why the picture was taken in an angle, this is because of my brother who noticed that I once reused a picture 🙂


Hallbergmoos 82-10

November 11, 2008

This time in Hallbergmoos near Munich in a small hotel called Neuwirt. simple clean, foc WiFi and a superb restaurant 🙂

of course they know how the paper should hang.


this was the Quality Hotel in Augsburg a very nice hotel with big rooms and a fantastic breakfast. It basically had anything and therefore I ate for too much 🙂

Next to that the people were extremly friendly but……

if there is something negative then the fact that the paper was hanging wrong 😦