Haus Felderhoff 208-19

August 27, 2010

After Hannover I had a meeting with my colleague Torsten at his personal lake. Quit amazing place in the middle of nowhere (Wipperfürth) The place is something like 6000 square meters and the lake is full of pike and carp. Since last week he also has 6 sturgeons but unfortunately they are male so no caviar for us…

opposite the lake was a small hotel and checking in was a pretty unusual story. I walked in and the whole place was empty, nobody, nada, nothing. So I walked through all the rooms but no luck. I then walked around the hotel but also didn’t see anybody. I walked back in and noticed a bell. I rang the bell and all of sudden a lady came from upstairs explaning in broken German that she no clue and I should speak to the owner. So she walked with me to the first floor and all of sudden I’m in the private rooms of the owner who is very ill and basically living in his bed with a TV in front of him. I didn’t feel to comfortable but these are the kind of thinks that can only happen in small hotels in the middle of nowhere. 🙂

Paper was hanging correct, room rate was ridiculous low (€35,- including breakfast!)

I’m glad I used the toilet only twice as this was the only paper 🙂


It’s funny that you only realize when entering your room that it is the same room as last week. Then you sit down and you realize that you’ve been in this specific room more often. I think in 90% of the cases I stayed on the second floor in rooms 230-236.

But of course the paper then also hangs proper to the front 🙂

well the summer vacations are over and we’re heading busy times again. The next 3 weeks on the road giving training for our new product and the first sessions already started here near Hannover. As always in the Holiday Inn Airport and as always the paper is hanging proper. Only problem is that as always I eat their Holi Burger with fries and mayonaisse which lays on your stomach the next morning which always means no breakfast…and I keep on doing that although I know the result 🙂

Turtle Burger

August 14, 2010

thx to Danny who found a funny picture on the internet I decided to make a turtle burger myself. My wife wasn’t too keen on it as she found it disgusting looking but it tasted OK. It needs some improvement on the marinade but for the rest it was just fine. 🙂

500gr beef, salt/pepper/herbs/garlic/cheese/bacon and 3 wiener sausages

cut the 3 sausages in half and stick them in as feet/head and tail. take slices of cheese on top.

and wrap it in bacon, put it in the oven at 200 degrees Celcius and after 50minutes. Voila!

but as my daughter said in her diplomatic way:  “the beer chicken is better”

found this and couldn’t believe it!

at least the paper is hanging correct 🙂

slowly the vacation season is off and we will see more hotels again. This time for 4 days in our HQ and as always staying in the Ibis. of course the paper was hanging again. I heard of a far better hotel which should be even cheaper as the Ibis. Next time I will try that one….if the rates are still inexpensive

Gigantic Swiss Ass

August 3, 2010

not sure if my colleague Oren really knows the Swiss people but when I asked him why he hadn’t send me some toilet paper pictures from his visit to Zurich he send me this…