Unfortunately I’m on the road while Holland is playing Slovakia. Lucky enough I closed a customer visit early enough to be in my hotel 30 minutes before the game started. It’s bloody hot here (around 33 degrees) and the hotel has no airco. So here I’m sitting alone on my room watching the game (1-0 as we speak) sweating like hell because of the temprerature and of course also because of the game.

Good thing in the hotel is that the paper is hanging correct. Now let’s make sure we win and go to the quarte finals.

shit, just realized that I’m living next to a church….this will be a lousy night. 😦


 I was together with my colleague 2 days in Hannover and somehow I had a gut feeling that something would happen if I would put all the 5 flags on my car. So I only put on one Dutch flag on and guess what? some “funny” employee took it off. No respect for other flags, no respect for other cultures…it’s a pity.

then I destroyed Yaron’s flag when I closed my trunk but this I could repair by putting it on the Dutch pole. There is always a positive in a negative 🙂

And the Holiday Inn hotel? well the paper is still hanging correct 🙂

Holland 2 Germany 0

June 18, 2010

My neighbor decided to “fight” back and attached another German flag to his garage with something like 1 x 1,5 meter.

So I returned his “attack” with another 1,8 x 3 meter Dutch flag 🙂

200 !!!!!!!!!!!

June 15, 2010

It took 3 years but today I got 200 correct hangingtoilet papers 🙂

Alex, it’s your turn 🙂 🙂

looks like crap, but we got it 🙂

Heh, Alex, what now?? 🙂

2 day training in Krefeld and stayed in Düsseldorf at the cheap/whatever Motel One hotel… whatever, the paper was hanging correct 🙂

we had a “Jedermänner” party and as all of them know the Looblog I believe they changed the paper to the wrong side but heh, who cares 🙂

every 2 years the same fun around my house. I start the flagging around my house and 20 nanoseconds later zhe Germans start their flagging :o)

But Germany is still pretty low level in gadgets so I win this “war” again. Now let’s hope we come further as the last time….

Yaron, please take particular note of a specific flag attached to my car. promise is promise. 🙂 Of course also the lion tail was attached to the back of my car.

some new flags we brought from Holland 2 weeks ago.

the chicken cage (without chicken but 2 rabbits) is also ideal to put some stuff to.

It was quite a hurdle getting this 1,8 x 3,0 meter flag attached to the windows and also note the orange barrier ribbon I put around the house which was in total 100 meters. 🙂 And the answer from our neighbours? one single flag which you see hanging from the first floor.

My neighbour opposite is better. 🙂

Schravezande-NL 198-18

June 3, 2010

A couple of days off and lucky as we are it’s beautiful weather and therefore we drove to Schravezande in the south of the Netherlands where my parents in law have a little vacation house directly behind the dunes which gives us just a couple of minutes walk to the North Sea. Expectation for the rest of the weekend is more sun and temperatures rising.

So basically we got everything we need, nice weather, beer, WiFi FOC, nice terasse, god what a life 🙂

and as this is a normal working day in the NL the beach is still empty.

guess the ducks didn’t like me and therefore showed their arses 🙂

the little vacation house which has everything you need.

what a life! 🙂

and for the statistics, the paper is hanging correct so 2 more points and we reach the 200!! 🙂

Killing Fields…

June 2, 2010

It’s fine that the cats kill all the mice but why on earth do they put the dead corpses in the plants???

Boncuk means little pearl but she is everything else…


at least the ants have a giant meal…