Athens Hotel Coral 224-19

October 31, 2010

scary sheit as in the morning you wake up in a the Storch Hotel in Prichsenstadt-Germany and in the evening you are in Athens at the Coral Hotel…

My cab drivers name was Michaelis Schumacheros as he drove me all the way from the airport to the coast line in 35min…

Hotel is OK, WiFi FOC and working, paper hanging correct, what else do I want ? 🙂


been here before and again we had a nice weekend here, Lovely band playing and talking in local slang (we laughed our butt off) and of course the paper was hanging correct.

Next day we went to Iphofen which is a lovely old town

and from there we went to a wineyard who has build his house in Hundertwasser style

this one was closed so we decided to go to the Wasserburg near Astheim which has an excellent view over the river Main

weekend over…..

Good Bye Korea

October 26, 2010

here the last impressions from Korea taken yesterday

Typical Korean BBQ

just lovely 🙂

then I had to take the speed picture in the train showing we did 300 KM/H

last one which I really like was this handmade sign. When I park wrong I always put my business card behind the windscreen here they make their own little boards.

thank you Korea for having me here, it was a great experience and I’m already looking forward to next year.

the 3rd and last hotel on this trip as I’m flying back this afternoon. We took the train from Mokpo to Seoul and from the train station we divided as the others stayed in town while I took a hotel just aside of the airport. In normal traffic condition a loaded fuel tank and a cab driver able to read proper korean and numbers and the ability of putting them in the correct order into a GPS it would have been a 30 minute drive.

It took him after some help from me with putting in the correct address 2 hours…

It didn’t matter as I had plenty of time and when I arrived this will be the first night in a proper hotel which also means that the paper was hanging right.

One think Alex and I did after the first Chinese Grand Prix was to take a picture with the final result. While we were discussing the Korean GP we both came to the conclusion that the Korean went smoother as Shanghai and then we decided to redo the picture here in Korea with the signed final result.

a new motel

October 23, 2010

well I had to move for one night to another motel which wasn’t really like the first one. When we entered they gave us this thing which made it clear that this is usally used as an hour hotel.

the condom package actually says “specially designed for her surface” 🙂

place reserved, excellent food in the catering area, Canon camera for marketing purposes and I can’t find you anywhere!

this honestly hurt as we could have had so much fun here…

more fun in Mokbo

October 19, 2010

it’s getting better and better down here.

First I found these giant bugs of which nobody can tell me what it is. The only thing I know is that when they are scared they put those 2 stingers up and look like a scorpio!

then I got a translation of what the loo function buttons are.

and as we had no tissues in our work room I decided to take one of the 3 boxes from my hotel room to the circuit.

In the late afternoon 2 of our crew started laughing, giggling and pointing to the tissue box. We asked them why as we didn’t understand.

well, basically the side of the box gives you all kinf of messages like wet, nude, sex. this is when I noticed one of them said 69 so I interrupted her with the words, stop I understand this 69 thing. 🙂

last but not least they gave me a translation of my name, no clue if correct but it looks nice.

let’s see what happens tomorrow as the opening is tomorrow

Korean Discovery Channel

October 18, 2010

OK, here we go.

as said before, the toilet is heated and has a bunch of buttons I don’t trust. My Dutch friend is braver then I, although he is rather in Spain right now as here…the coward…told me that he tried all buttons in Japan and that he thought he would get a nice not too strong water jet from below but in reality the water was up his lips!

I took this picture so I can print it out and ask for transalaltion. 🙂

that brings me to the sink as I I wanted to shave but could find the opener/closer of the sink…well there is a spring underneath and you have to push to close and open the sink. Brilliant! Why don’t we have that in Europe?

from there we go to the remote. The first night I was annoyed that I had to walk through the room to switch on and off the lights but tooday my colleague told me that the upper part of the remote is for the lights!

here the thing in the room

and her the famous remote for everything

this morning we went to a place for breakfast and I was asked what I would like to drink. I noticed the sign “Dutch/Americano” so I said; “I’ll take that as I’m Dutch!”

then the lady showed me what it was and I decided I wanted to have  a coffee and not be there for an hour as you would pore water from above and wait until it arrives below…

more news tomorrow 🙂

Mokbo South Korea 221-19

October 18, 2010

Before I flew off I was in the business lounge and was sitting next to the First Class lounge. I could see 2 guys sitting there having a drink. All of sudden they stood up and left the left the lounge. After 10 minutes they came back with…..2 Burger King bags!     I couldn’t believe it! 🙂

After a very exhausting trip down to Mokbo… A 10 hour flight and a 4 hour train trip we arrived after in total 17,5 hours in Mokbo which is located all down in the south of Korea.

I flew with Korean Air and never ever had so friendly, polite stewardesses before in my life “may I wake you up for breakfast if you are still asleep?”, “sorry to disturb you” Try that with KLM or Luftwaffe 🙂 Very good food, I tried a traditional dish called Bibimbab which is minced meat with vegatables and rice, some spicy sauce and sesame oil. Just great.

Korean Air has flat beds in business class which helps as I can’t sleep at all on planes. Unfortunately these are 1,76M long while I’m 1,96M tall. Still after 10 hours you feel similar as 2,5 hours flying economy through Europe.

I had to wait at the airport for somebody flying in from LHR and I then realized that my cell phone doesn’t work down here so I was worried how to get in contact with him. Well I tried WiFi which is FOC and superfast I was connected and could start sending messages out. We found each other and took a taxi to the railway station called Jongsa and 30 minutes later we were off down south. this is for half the journey a high speed train with up to 301 KM/H and super polite conductors who bow whenever they leave the waggon. During the trip I realized how religious the Koreans are as I couldn’t count the number of churches anymore along the route.

We went straight to the hotel and half an hour later we shared some lovely Sushi. I got to sleep at 00:30 and hoped this would help to sleep the night through…NOT as I woke up at 03:30 but could then at least continue till 07:00.

The room is proper and highly technical. Next post will be around my experience with it as I call it “Discovery Channel”

Let’s start with the toilet, yes the paper is hanging correct but check the toilet out! Too many buttons for trial and error and the bloddy thing is even heated!

just got this from my brother who stayed with his wife in the Post-Plaza in Leeuwarden, northen Netherlands.

no further information except that the paper was hanging correct