Yesterday at the shooting range clubhouse somebody asked me why I post all those Loo papers and why I didn’t post the one from the clubhouse. Well, as he was right I went to the loo and took the proof picture, all fine 😀




One week later back in Langenhagen and still all good out there which means, the paper hangs proper, the nuts/sweets and apple are there, beautiful sunrise in the morning but there is a but….

As I heard the Holiday Inn will change to Leonardo Hotels which means from green to blue and that is a big change for me….we’ll see….




Well, it’s getting a little bit confusing here as in the mean time I was also posting on FB. So here a little update as between 311-30 and now 314-30 I had missed a couple of out.

Anyhow, all fine in Langenhagen, paper still hanging proper, lovely nuts on the bed and the Burger still tastes 🙂